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Help: looking for... Conan The Barbarian - Theatrical Cut


Hello All,

I’m desperately trying to find the original, (or as close as I can get), American theatrical cut of Conan The Barbarian. I’m aware that there is a fan cut available on Myspleen, but seeing as I don’t have an account and it looks like there’s no current invites, I was wondering if anyone had any input on my next steps. I’m very new to the forum and am learning this all with extreme baby steps.

For my current situation, I have the VHS and DVD of the theatrical as well as a copy of the US Blu ray gifted to me by my grandfather. (Thanks for attempting to help Poppa.) I know that the AUS blu ray is supposed to be close to the theatrical cut, but I have not a rat’s chance in hell of getting my hands on that. It’s going for about $90 on ebay and I just can’t afford that currently. Are there any other close blu ray’s out there? Or any other ways to get a copy of the Team Blu edition? I absolutely despise the princess cut, and just want to enjoy on of my favourite films without having to watch it on my CRT.

Has anyone seen the theatrical streamed digitally? I just recently found out that the theatrical cut of The Warriors was on HBO so if anyone knows of the same thing happening with Conan, I’d love some input.




Sci Fi channel have a censored TV cut which I would really like to see for alternate shots.

The theatrical cut is available on Blu Ray but I am hearing Arrow will be releasing 4k version soon perahaps for the Annivetsary.