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Help: looking for... 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' - the Roadshow Version 35MM


One of my childhood favorites is Disney’s Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

I saw it in a tiny cinema in the beginning of the 80’s, and subsequently added the VHS, DVD and Blu Ray to my collection.

However all these feature different running times.

The VHS is the shortest of them all, running only 97 mins. It is cut beyond what is reasonable.
The DVD is the restored 25th Anniversary version first released on Laserdisc runs a whopping 139 mins.
The Blu Ray is a between the two running 117 mins.

Now I read that the original release was a roadshow version, reportedly running close to three hours.
I was sort of recreated for the Laserdisc/DVD version, but footage for one song was never recovered and was added to the special features as movie stills to music.

Do any of you guys know if an original 35MM copy exists of the first release? With the missing song?


The print you’re looking for would have to be dated “October 7, 1971” because that was when it premiered in London. All of my sources say that the missing song, “A Step in the Right Direction,” was in that premiere print. If that copy still exists, then the picture portion of the song might finally be found.


That would be amazing - who knows 😄 Lots of things seem to be unearthed these days