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Help Wanted: for my 'Star Trek Nemesis' fan edit - help with deleted scenes...


I´m working on a fan edit of Star Trek: Nemesis. Is well known that the deleted scenes were cut mostly to give the film a more commericial appeal and more action, but they could have made that movie much better. My edit cuts most of the redundant and worst scenes while trying to recover the missing scenes, at least the best ones that could fit properly in the movie.

The problem is that the quality of the avaliable sources for the deleted scenes is really bad. I have seem here that there is people who have done an excellent work in the deleted scenes of Star Wars movies and i would like to know if do you think there is some way of doing something aceptable with the Star Trek Nemesis ones.

I would really like to restore that scenes, but i don´t know if it´s possible. That one has strange interlacing and it also is ocuppying just a centered part of the screen, so even in 480p (source resolution) it is not in full screen.