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Help Wanted - Kenobi edit :)



First time fan editor working on an edit of Kenobi alongside a professional composer who is going to re-score most, if not the entirety, of it.

Obviously for that to be as clean as I want it to be, I need to de-score. Through noise profiling the existing score channels and applying noise reduction I’ve been relatively successful but some score splits through and further reduction results in sound effect loss.

Can anyone help with a complete de-score or am I dreaming?


You’ve identified the arch nemesis of the faneditor……. Music.

If you haven’t been able to remove the music using 6 channel isolation and standard noise reduction software, then you’re a bit stuck.

If the remaining music is very quiet you can sometimes add the new score over the top which drowns out the old score.

Beyond that the only option really is to rebuild the audio track from scratch. It’s painstaking but achievable for sound effects, and virtually impossible for dialogue.

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