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He-Man and She-Ra: Secret of the Sword - 35mm Scan + Possible Stereo Mix Opportunity?

Time this has been haunting me for awhile

it’s been pretty hard to resist the urge of buying this. i know next to nothing about this franchise but filmation’s my biggest guilty pleasure and i’ve been getting my 16mm prints of some of their shows’ episodes scanned in hd.
a 35mm scan of this film would provide the first time it could ever be seen in hd, all dreamworks-owned filmation shows have only been available in sd for years (with varying degrees of dvnr and pal speedup), and there’s a possibility that this is the dolby stereo mix not released on dvd (online upload from dvd is mono at least), no telling though as there’s no shots of the film itself. in addition a 35mm scan could provide open matte animation, including stuff never meant to be seen on-screen.

there are a number of burdens in the way that prevent me from getting this though
-no money, i only have enough to buy the film minus the shipping costs, and part of me wants to use that money for something else
-no hard drive space, i’d probably need a new external hard drive to store raw scan files on
-i don’t collect 35mm, only 16mm. it’s the only gauge i have accessibility to
-there might not be enough interest in this to sustain costs
-the scanner ive worked with has some iffy audio output, video output might be a little soft too. should demonstrate the “fluttering” quality of the audio if you can hear it
-not sure if id be able to do digital restoration

any thoughts?