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Hannibal Rising (Epic Cut)



Hannibal Rising (Epic Cut) v1 is a fanedit based on the unrated version of the film, keeping the best of its extended footage to maintain the atmosphere of an epic story. The main goal of this edit is to rescue these characters (and us) from drowning in a sea of expository dialogue and unnecessary flashbacks. THERE IS A GREAT FILM UNDERNEATH. The secondary goal is to trim overacting, tighten up some action, and make the story more believable. Original unrated length: 2h 10m. Edited length: 2h 2m. V1 is released in good 720p quality in AAC stereo (2.74 GB).

PM me for file link. By requesting the file link you acknowledge and agree that you own the Bluray Disc version or online HD version of Hannibal Rising Unrated and will not share the link with any third party.

Description of edits in chronological order (WARNING!!! SPOILERS BELOW):

  1. Cut the opening title, replacing it with a new one as the children play.
  2. Cut the father’s on the nose line during the evacuation of the Lecter castle, “the cart is packed, everything is ready.” Cut the mother’s obvious drawn-out decision to leave the letters in the bedroom drawer. Now she quickly leaves, and the father appears more in charge of things.
  3. Cut the father’s odd statement to his children during the wagon ride, giving them what amounts to an adult military briefing. It’s obvious the bombs exploding nearby warrant immediate evacuation.
  4. Cut the mother’s “pearls before swine” line. She’s acting bizarre and literally explaining the symbolism in front of our eyes.
  5. Cut Grutas’ sniffing the peasant and his line “are you a gypsy” so we see less of henchman Dortlich’s distracting toothy grin to show us how bad he is.
  6. Cut the brief unrated version scene of the father casually pretend hunting in the forest with young Hannibal near a warzone. The main purpose of this scene was to establish lack of food which is better established in other scenes.
  7. Cut father’s line “what’s that?” when the Russian tanks storm the lodge. He doesn’t sound brave at all or even competent.
  8. Cut Grutas’ filler line during the execution of the SS Major: “and now I am in business for myself.” Now Grutas says “and now” followed by the gunshot to the SS Major’s head.
  9. Cut some of Dortlich’s extended harassment of young Hannibal and Mischa when Grutas’ gang takes over the lodge. Yes we know they’re bad.
  10. Cut Grutas’ over the top eating of the bird added in the unrated cut.
  11. Cut the gang hungrily leering at the children, suggesting too early they were in true danger of being eaten. Now Act 1 ends with the more subtle burning of Mischa’s photograph to keep warm.
  12. Cut the orphanage headmaster’s lines about Hannibal not respecting the human pecking order and hurting the bullies. It’s absurd expository dialogue that no one would actually say.
  13. Cut the “who’s there” line by the house guard to Hannibal as he arrives unannounced at Lady Murasaki’s estate in France. Trimmed amount of time Lady Murasaki stares out the window.
  14. Cut much of Hannibal’s bedtime nightmare sequence at the estate to reduce overuse of flashbacks. Kept enough flashback so his bloody lip makes sense but now someone who cares about him will wake him up quickly.
  15. Cut the flashback when Hannibal slices his thumb while trimming the plant. We need less early hints of Mischa’s exact fate.
  16. Cut the sexually playful sword fighting lessons. Hannibal becoming Lady Murasaki’s martial arts student seems comically out of place. It’s already clear from the orphanage that Hannibal knows how to use sharp things to hurt people.
  17. Cut the expository definition of Vichy given by the police officer interviewing Hannibal and Lady Murasaki after fighting the butcher. For those of us who don’t know Vichy were Nazi collaborators, this can be inferred later through context clues.
  18. Cut police officer’s lines about Hannibal becoming a doctor and being careful with his hands. This just comes across as a clumsy set up so we have an early hint Hannibal will go to medical school. Hannibal actually uses some medical terminology during the butcher execution but it’s hard to understand his French accent there. Anyway, we already know from all the other Hannibal films that he becomes a doctor.
  19. Moved Lady Murasaki’s line “Hannibal needs peace” to offscreen voiceover as Hannibal is inspecting a Samurai sword.
  20. Cut Hannibal’s line “the butcher” as he confronts the butcher. This is to avoid over-introducing the very memorable butcher character from a prior scene as if we forgot who he was.
  21. Cut Hannibal’s line during the execution of the butcher “do you see how your mouth stains the air?” Also cut Hannibal holding up the bad drawing that then receives improbable blood spray. The result is a tighter, more believable scene.
  22. Cut the inspector’s VO line to the driver “wait for me” as he arrives at the coroner. No need to establish it’s the inspector. We can see that it’s him when he walks inside.
  23. Cut the cook’s shoehorned culinary lesson to Hannibal about fish cheeks. Unnecessary expository.
  24. Cut inspector’s line “It’s monstrous” when reading Hannibal’s polygraph tape. It’s a bit early for him to come to that conclusion.
  25. Cut before Lady Murasaki removes her motorcycle helmet in a painfully obvious reveal. We can pretty much guess with certainty it was her dropping off the butcher’s head to help cover up Hannibal’s involvement in the murder.
  26. Cut the flashback of Mischa when Hannibal and Lady Murasaki view the artwork of the sacrifice of Isaac. When Hannibal simply says “not always” in response to her line “but the angel intervenes in time” we know he’s referring to Mischa.
  27. Cut part of Lady Murasaki’s line about memories being a knife that can hurt you. We know knives hurt.
  28. Cut small portions of Hannibal’s sodium pentothal flashback showing Mischa to be killed with a weapon. Cut the young Hannibal rescued in the snow portion of the flashback and moved to a later scene (the deposition).
  29. Cut Dortlich’s line “the lodge” to avoid obviously narrating Hannibal’s arrival at the lodge.
  30. Moved Dortlich using binoculars to an earlier part of the scene to show him watching Hannibal pulling away debris with the horse, clearing out the ruined lodge. Cut him putting down the binoculars and his smile. It’s more foreboding that Dortlich sees this rather than the jewelry because later the same horse will clear him away.
  31. Cut binocular view of Hannibal in the ruined lodge holding his mother’s jewelry high up for all to see. We already know Dortlich is greedy, and it’s not believable for him to see this through binoculars given the conditions. Dortlich’s primary motivation here is to find out and stop whatever Hannibal is up to, not to rob him.
  32. Cut Hannibal’s overacted primal scowl after he subdues Dortlich at the ruined lodge.
  33. Cut Hannibal’s line “Mischa” when burying the child’s skull and teddy bear. We know who he’s burying.
  34. Cut the flash to Grutas’ face during Dortlich’s rope interrogation. We know who he is.
  35. Cut the investigating officer’s lines advising that Hannibal picked mushrooms and made a brochette with Dortlich’s missing cheeks. Now we just see the officer digging up burnt mushrooms knowing he’s probably smart enough to put two and two together.
  36. Cut Lady Murasaki’s line “you smell of smoke and blood” when Hannibal returns to France. She’s not a bloodhound or a walking bad fortune cookie.
  37. Cut flashback to Mischa’s bracelet when we see it on the henchman’s little girl at the restaurant. Hannibal says soon enough where he recognizes it from.
  38. Cut some of the short henchman’s not so subtle spy camera photos of Lady Murasaki walking in public. We know you’re little buddy but people can still see you.
  39. Added full flashback scene of young Hannibal rescued in the snow to the end of Hannibal’s deposition.
  40. Cut the inspector’s egregious commentary to his bored looking colleague after Hannibal’s deposition. The inspector provided exposition about how Hannibal is an insane monster whose heart died with Mischa and one day doctors will study him.
  41. Cut Hannibal’s comical splashing of a flammable liquid from a bottle into Grutas’ bathtub. Moved scene progression around so he just aggressively shakes and pours it. Now the scene is tighter and more serious.
  42. Cut Grutas’ extra gross line about Lady Murasaki’s asshole and his line “take her away.” Both sounded like a bad comic book villain.
  43. Cut Grutas’ line to his henchman during the move of the captive women-- something along the lines of don’t bite the women bite their buyer’s gold… Good advice (the not biting part) but bad dialogue.
  44. Cut an added unrated version scene where Grutas licks the captive Lady Murasaki’s face. He licks it in a later scene. This scene was just practice footage really and should not have ever been included.
  45. Cut Grutas’ bad filler VO to the captive Lady Murasaki about Hannibal eating cheeks. Silence works better here.
  46. Cut Grutas’ part of a line referring to Hannibal’s balls as a “velvet bag.”
  47. Reduced Hannibal’s reaction time with the broken sword.
  48. Cut Hannibal’s anguished, over-the-top scream to the heavens and some of him hissing before he slices up Grutas’ chest. Now his reaction to learning he was fed his sister in a broth is more immediate and instinctive.
  49. Cut Hannibal explaining the obvious: that the letter M carved into Grutas’ chest is “M for Mischa.”
  50. Reduced Lady Murasaki’s reaction time to stab the captain and the captain slowly slumping, and cut waiting for him to bleed out.

heil palpatine.