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Hammer's Brides of Dracula - 35mm IB Tech Scan [NEEDS FUNDING]


Hey everyone!

Well, we have a very awesome opportunity here. We can buy an IB TECH print of Hammer’s BRIDES OF DRACULA. If you don’t know this film, well… it’s one of the most beautiful movies ever shot. Full stop.

Shot by the legendary Jack Asher, it was one of his final films with Hammer because they wanted faster turnaround instead of moodily-lit, highly-gelled Technicolor horror. So, this was his finest and last hour doing the horror films he was best known for.

And the Blu-Ray releases are… unfortunate to say, the least. In the DVD era, there was a beautiful film element of BRIDES that was scanned for Universal’s Hammer DVD collection. But, this film element literally went up in flames when Universal had a backlot fire in 2008.

So what was left? A terrible, dated over-sharpened scan of an IP with worse color. To add insult to injury, this was often cropped to 2.00 unnecessarily and irrespective of the original filmmaker’s intentions.

Shout eventually released a Blu-Ray of it, but it was very soft despite being a modern image harvest? Color timing is fine, about the same as the previous scan. It could very well even be the same element. At least it was in the right aspect ratio this time, LOL!

Anyway, this IB TECH print is currently sitting at $440 at auction. No doubt, it will sell for more than that.

Hoping it stays low, I’m already collecting pledges.

More than $440 - Buying Print (with Shipping)
$348 - Scanning (Approximate)
$45 - Shipping
$100 - Hard Drive
= More than $933

I’d say that if we can raise enough money for either Scan/Ship/HD Storage or Buying the Print, which is around $500, then we should do it. Someone (likely me) can front the money for the print and just resell it once the scanning is done.

For this reason, I’d rather keep the scanning stateside (shipping of this print is also much more expensive internationally).

Thanks a billion to users elsewhere. We’re already over $175!!

The Aluminum Falcon - $40
LucasGodzilla - $20
shiftyeyes - $20
TonyAniante - $20
ZkinandBonez - $20
snicker - $20
NeonBible - $15
Anonymous - $10
bronan - $20

This print has light vinegar syndrome, please pledge money if you want to see this title preserved!


Well, didn’t win the auction. But if the person who did is reading this, PM me. Might be able to help you get this scanned as it has light vinegar syndrome.


I wish that I had seen this earlier. I would definitely contriibute to this.


Thanks retrobeat. If another print comes along, I’ll post, but, unfortunately, this one was lost to us.


I’ve read somewhere that the old Universal dvd used a print that went up in flames. I thought that that print had been made by universal in 2004, I wonder what source they used to make the print from, did that go up as well?

What source did Universal use for the blu ray boxset that features Brides?

Why is no-one using ICN?

I actually think that the Final cut blu ray looks good (incorrect AR aside).

Anolis have released Brides from the same source as Final cut but with the correct AR. This is the version that I have.

I would love an I.B scan of this film. It’s my favourite Hammer.