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Halloween The Full Night (A Halloween 1 and 2 Edit)


One of my favorite horror franchises is the Halloween series and in honor of the holidays, I decided to create a combined edit of Halloween and Halloween 2 This edit isn’t just a stitching of the two movies together, but wholly re-edited to work as a single stand-alone 2-hour horror movie. To facilitate this I’ve cut large swaths of material from Halloween 2 and also a bunch from the original Halloween. For the first Halloween movie, I’ve heavily reduced Lynda’s role in the film. I’ve cut her and Bob completely from the final act of the film, and have her disappear after her first scenes in the movie. This necessitates some audio editing as well as the removal of her and Bob’s bodies from Laurie’s discovery. For Halloween 2 I’ve completely removed Dr. Loomis and Sheriff Bracket wandering around Haddonfield trying to find Michael Myers and Ben Tramer’s mistaken death. I’ve also completely excised the Karen and Budd romance and death from the movie to shorten and heavily focus on the Hospital section of the film. I heavily debated this next aspect but decided against removing Laurie being Michaels’s sister. The final act just doesn’t quite work as it provides a reason for Dr Loomis to go to the hospital.

PM me for the link

Cutlist for Halloween 1
16.24-18:35 Removed scene of Tommy being bullied by the other kids.
22.18-22.43 Cut the plans with Lynda and Bob.
52.19-53.16 Slightly trimmed Annie’s walk to the car, she doesn’t go back inside for her keys in this version she has them so immediately gets into the car.
58.27-68.20 Removed Scene with Laurie the kids and the Jack-O-Lantern and removed Bob, Lynda, and all scenes referring to them.
Trimmed Laurie’s walk to the Wallace house to remove mentions of Bob and Linda
Slightly trimmed the chase sequence to remove Laurie going to the house that ignores her
Cut Laurie’s first attempted kill of Michael because it’s not the climax of the whole film anymore

Cutlist for Halloween 2
0-7.18 Cut opening recap and titles
9.12-9…28 Remove confirmation of 3 dead bodies
10.08-14.18 Cut random girl getting murdered and Laurie being brought into the ambulance and the conversation between Jimmy and Bud
17.24-19.58 Cut out the stupid killing of Ben Tramer
22.01-22.15 Cut out mention of Michael being killed
22.39-25.35 Cut out the rest of the scene between Loomis and the police and the introduction of Karen
26.47-30.35 Cut out a bunch of hospital stuff and go straight to Jimmy walking down the hallway as Michael goes down the stairs
31.12-32.13 Cut out Karen and Alves
Heavily trimmed Security Guard Death Scene
43.45-53.55 Cut out more Ben Tramer stuff, Bud and Karen, and Laurie’s dream about Michael
57.15-57.19 Cut out close up on Dr Mixter.
57.34-5736 Cut out Close Up on Janet’s Eye
60-62.31 Cut out Laurie and Michael Cat and Mouse

The full edit is 2 hours and 2 minutes


Your edit sounds really interesting, have sent you a PM


Mr Jones I sent you a pm about a week ago, I hope you receive it! 😉



Ok so after having seen this I do have criticisms and suggestions. I like the idea behind the edit and it’s mostly well done but it needs more work before I would call it 100%.

At the end of the the original movie portion, it seems like we’ve just seen the movie with Bob and Linda excised. Personally I don’t really miss them and their omission was seamless. But the end seems too conclusive before we go on. I would cut from when Loomis sees Michael is gone, straight to the PoV sequence from H2, and mute all the music from the end of H1/opening credits of H2. Maybe do a quick black fade out/in at that point.

After Michael steals the knife, the cut to the hospital has a bit of a jump as we are introduced razor apple boy. I would cut straight to the ambulance arriving even if it means there’s not a continuity in the music (which could be massaged over.) I think the key to the H2 scenes is to stay with Laurie and Dr Loomis as much as possible, while still explaining why everyone in the hospital has disappeared

After Laurie gets anesthesia there is a quick shot of a cop car that shouldn’t be there.

Since the news says three people are dead, mayyyyybe cut short the scene stealing the knife to imply Michael killed the old couple. (Only for continuity sake, since I like that sequence a lot, especially when lady finds the knife missing.) When Nurse Smokey tells Loomis he’s being recalled she also says three teenagers are murdered. I was scratching my head about that, maybe cut out the whole scene in th school? But then why would Loomis be in the car with her, why would he return to the hospital, etc. Maybe her dialogue could be edited to “people” instead of “teenagers” which would be tricky since it’s one long shot (with the sound of a floor waxer in the background!)

In the end when Laurie is trying to escape it seems like she’s gone crazy, yeah the phone doesn’t work but why is she trying to crawl away? Something is missing in the cause/effect chain but I don’t remember H2 enough to know what it is.

Also Jimmy is so annoying I wish he could be trimmed down more, but that’s a personal preference. Although when he slips in the blood is always my favorite part of that movie. The whole H2 portion seems a little deflating as a climax so maybe shortening bits and bobs could keep the tension rolling. For example the security guard in the hallway. He could give the nurse his walkie talkie, she has to go back to work, and he just never reappears until Laurie finds his body; we don’t need to see him encounter Michael.

Perhaps some enterprising soul could make you custom combined end credits instead of jumping around but that’s not a biggie.

About the sound mix. I’ve never seen these with the remixed soundtracks but the first movie sounds like it was improperly down mixed to stereo since the dialogue is very muffled and the music really stands out. H2 portion is better but music still stands out a lot. Mr Sandman won’t be missed but the end music edits could be much cleaner.

There seems to be a bit of a black crush/pixeling in the video encoding which I only found problematic during the initial 1963 pov shot while outside the Myers house in the dark. It gets much better after that.

This edit is definitely a good time if you want a shorter version of the combined events. It needs a bit more work to gel as a single movie though.