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Halloween 2018 & Halloween Kills TV Mini Series


Halloween a Mini Series is a fan edit of Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills from 2021

This edit combines both these movies including deleted scenes and extended scenes as well as footage from the original Halloween 1978 plus the TV version and Halloween 2 plus isolated audio sound bites from other Halloween movies featuring Donald Pleasance.

I have split this in 4 parts roughly 1hr for parts 1 & 2 and 50mins for 3 & 4

The movie starts with a recap of the ending of the original Halloween slightly edited with some footage of Halloween 2 alternate takes of the shooting of Michael plus some pre credit titles.

We then blend into a recap of voice overs from Loomis aka Donald Pleasance about how Michael should be locked up and shooting him 6 times.
We then begin in the sanatorium with date title card from Halloween 2018 that plays until the credits.

We then have the deleted scene from Halloween 2018 shooting range but blended with the investigate journalists talking of Michael and Laurie.
Movie plays as is until the journalist in the hotel room who listen to a recording of Loomis about Michael. This has been edited now to feature Donald Pleasure talking and not the voice double this is taken from multiple Halloween movies to make a coherent speech about Michael.

The sequence is also slightly edited.

Later in this part we also include the deleted scene featuring the journalist in the shower.

As the movie plays as the journalists visit the graveyard this sequence is edited as they talk about the murder from the first movie I have placed in footage from the first movie whilst they talk new sound is added.

We also have another deleted scene of the young daughter Allyson running but deleted Michael out at the end.

Movie plays until the babysitter sequence, this is edited to reduce the kid but ends on the murder of the babysitters but a burrn out image of Michael.

In the closing credits we have a mini trailer for the next episode blended into the new end title credits.

Episode 2 starts with an edited sequence from the beginning of Halloween 2 the slow pan down to the house and gun shots i.e. external view of the house from the end of Halloween 1978 movie but added in Mr Sandman song before we have Loomis run out the house examining blood on the ground after he shot him so a follow on from my tease in episode 1 this blends then into the sequence from Halloween Kills the flashback sequence of the police hunting Michael after the shooting by Loomis.

Pre title cards added in.

Then the extended sequence on the children and Michael stalking from the same movie.

After the house shooting and the capture of Michael we have the credits but from Halloween 2018 slightly edited to add a new Character name i.e Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle.

We then have the bar sequence from Halloween Kills with Tommy Doyle talking until he says to Laurie where ever you are, this allows us to cut back to Laurie stalking the streets looking for Michael as both Movies take place the same night.

This obviously takes us back into Halloween from 2018 and plays until Laurie meets Dr. Ranbir Sartain we then have flashback from Halloween Kills whilst Sartain discusses Hawkins was the first officer on site and stopped Loomis killing Michael new music and sound effects added.

After Sartain attacks Hawkins and drives away this blends into Halloween Kills and Allyson’s Boyfriend finding Hawkins.

We then re-join Halloween 2018 and the officers guarding Laurie’s House that plays out until the officers find Sartain on the ground, this then cuts back to the bar from Halloween Kills and Allyson’s boyfriend ringing his Dad to explain he found Hawkins stabbed.

Cut back to Laurie’s house and play the movie i.e Halloween 2018 after the Laurie Michael fight and Karen and Allyson hiding we have an edited sequence of Michael stalking but a voice over from an old Loomis Donald Pleasance asking Michael to leave these people alone Michael stops as listening to the voice in his head before stalking again, new music added.

Episode 2 ends with a burn out of Karen crying saying she can’t do this. Again a mini trailer of the next episode in the closing credits.

Episode 3 begins with sound bites of the killing from the original movie i.e reporters talking about the brutal killing by a child before opening with the TV footage from Halloween 1978 of Loomis talking to the medical board about not transferring Michael and he is dangerous this plays with new title cards until Loomis stands near Michael as a child saying he’s fooled everyone but not him cut to opening credits Halloween 2018 edited.
We then pick up where we left Halloween 2018 with additional external shot of the house with Karen crying before we pick up inside again.

This plays through with the house fire and blends into Halloween kills with the fire and firemen arriving.

Halloween Kills plays minus scenes dropped into Episode 2

Extended Mortuary scene added in.

Episode plays until Laurie is talking to Hawkins in Hospital asking if he remembered that night, this is edited to play as if she is referring to Michaels attack on her from Halloween 1978, this blends into an edited sequence from Halloween 1978 as a flashback of Laurie babysitting Tommy Doyle this ensures you know who Tommy is and filling in his back story when he freaks out at the window when he sees the shape.
We then cut back to Laurie in the hospital bed Hawkins wakes up and nurse enters, sequence is edited with new music.

We end episode 3 with Tommy and co finding Lindsey after the attack by Michael edited to end with a burn out on Lindsey about Michael been on the loose.

Mini trailer in the credits for episode 4.

Episode 4 begins with heavily edited footage from Halloween 2 Laurie been taken to hospital after the attack by Michael from the first movie new pre credit titles added, as Laurie is begging the doctors not to put her to sleep which they do we blend back into Halloween Kills Laurie asleep in the hospital bed.

Movie plays until Tommy arrives and tells Laurie Michael is alive and on the loose, Laurie grabs her knife credit’s roll Halloween 2018 edited in.

Re-join Halloween kills minus any scenes added in earlier.

Extended massacre at the end and the new ending from the extended version before new end credits.

I have placed this onto mega roughly 16.5GB happy to share the link out for limited time vi PM


Hi there.
Your HALLOWEEN mini series looks promising 😃. So it’s like a TV series, right? Is a final version? Are you going to expend on the story when Halloween Kills extended cut is released (and Halloween Ends for that matter?

PM me.


Zagadka said:

Hi there.
Your HALLOWEEN mini series looks promising 😃. So it’s like a TV series, right? Is a final version? Are you going to expend on the story when Halloween Kills extended cut is released (and Halloween Ends for that matter?

PM me.

More than happy to get feedback hence the free mega link and not uploaded to a private site.

I would like to extend this out to 6 parts when Halloween Ends comes out but until then this is 4 parts and are a direct continuation from the original Halloween.

I have sent you the link via PM


I’d be interested in checking this out. Any chance of a smaller size and on Google Drive?