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Wanted to see if anyone on this site has ever traveled out to Hollywood to visit Cinecon. It’s a convention that screens super rare silent films and even nitrate prints! On the show floor collectors come from all around to sell old movie posters ranging back to the 1920s, props, original shooting scrips, and lobby cards. So many lobby cards. A couple years ago someone was selling an original print of “Revenge of the Jedi”. Just seeing that poster displayed was a trip. This year I stumbled upon an 8mm copy of one of the animated sections from the notoriously banned Disney film Song of the South. The whole place is a treasure trove of nostalgia and artifacts from all over the history of cinema.

If anyone else has ever visited this convention, what kind of crazy stuff did you see? Or do you know of any other big film conventions that go so far as to sell private film reels and original poster prints?