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HELP NEEDED - It’s another Kenobi edit, but I promise a little different …


Help me, Original Trilogy - you’re my only hope.

First time fan editor, long time fan edit lover, returning to an edit of Kenobi that I started a while back.

So, cue the inevitable rolling of eyes wondering why I’m doing this when PixelJoker’s is on the way and Spence’s is a pacing master stroke. I get it, I’d react the same, but here’s where mine is different.

I’m working with a composer who is writing a brand new original score for the movie.

If that peaks your curiosity enough to continue to read, I’m grateful.

I’m looking for one, or some, or several individuals to help re-build the SFX. The centre channel is muddy and I’m struggling with my inexperience.

If there is anyone out there willing to help, make yourselves known!

MTFBWY, always.