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HANNIBAL: THE MEMORY PALACE (a TV-to-Movie fanedit of Season 2) (Released)


It’s a project of a faneditor Maniac and mine - HANNIBAL: THE MEMORY PALACE. We’ve made a fanedit of Hannibal’s NBC TV Series (Season Two), editing it into a 2 hours and 54 minutes long feature movie. It’s a sequel to our edit of Season 1 – HANNIBAL: THE CHESAPEAKE RIPPER .

We recut Seasons 1 & 2 into two movies. The fanedit consists from the most interesting and relevant bits of the main story without the cases-of-the-week-killers. The goal of these two edits isn’t to cram every detail of the series into a limited time-frame, but to create the actual film versions of dr. Hannibal Lecter-Will Graham story.

The fan edit is done in a 2.40 ratio with DTS sound converted from 5.1 to 7.1.
It includes music re-scores by Hans Zimmer, Rogue Banos, and Tomandandy.

More info can be found on Maniac blog NOW:

Don’t forget to check for more info on part 1 first.

Edited by MANIAC
Based upon an idea by ZAGADKA