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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Improved Edition



After 5/5 first Guardians of the Galaxy movie it’s sequel disappointed me right after seeing it or actually already while watching it. The jokes didn’t land, mostly because they were stretched too long and the ending was trying way too hard to be a tear jerker. Luckily both these things suit well for fan editing!

This Fan Edit’s goals are:

-Make jokes better by cutting most of them sorter, leaving the viewers a chance to connect in their minds what is funny about the line or scene.

-Reduce the retardedness of Drax

-Make the twist little less obvious by cutting Mantis almost warning them before shit starts to hit the fan.

-Taking out Packman sound

-Trim the End to be less sappy.

The original edit really spoon-feeds you the jokes until they are no longer funny, the worst offender being Teaserface-jokes. Also, the fruit being not ripe joke and instructions for Groot’s fin stealing mission long joke for example have been trimmed to not hit you over the head with them.

Drax was socially unaware and stoic in the first movie, but here he is just a laughing buffoon. I’ve cut half his laughing sprees to make him a little bit more stoic and more in line with the first movie. He now laughs where there is at east some kind of reason to do so and not all the time randomly.

Packman sound is out because (although this is not a realistic movie by any means) where does the sound come from? Is Peter now able to conjure it somehow? And again the joke works better when it’s only visual. Also the Ego vs Peter fight is shortened a bit to not have to watch two CG- characters roll around so much.

Yandu’s babbling about controlling the arrow with his heart instead of mind is out because it’s out of character for a (ex) crime boss. Original is also trying soooo hard to pull your hard strings that I just started to wish they would hurry to the end credits. This takes out some drama of Rocket stopping Gamora to go help Quill and some end crying.

Original run time: 2 h 15 mins 46 sec
New run time : 2 h 10 mins 20 sec

Here is a trailer:

Pass: GG2edit

If someone is interested, ask me a link via PM


Have you seen the Pruned Edition fan edit, and if so how does your edit compare?

a trolling bantha


Yeah I actually DL:ed The Pruned Edition after I was done with my edit just for fun. Some of our cuts to jokes are exactly the same while others are subtly or very different. Really shows you how many different ways you can cut the scenes in a movie. Aside from the joke cuts all the other things mentioned above are not found on that edit so they are quite different.