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Grouping of Fan Edits/Preservations by subject


With the site re-design, one thing I would have always liked to have for ease of navigation in the site content (particularly with the current lack of a useable search function) is grouping the fan edits and preservation projects together somehow. To be clear, I don’t mean separation (or union) of the two areas - that is an already well-debated subject - I mean using some form of organisation of the actual subjects of the projects.

When you come to the OT forum now, outside of the Star Wars trilogy of course, this excellent place has become an amazing resource of people’s passion for supporting the viewing of certain films and tv shows in a way that each of them feels is most appropriate. As such, there are naturally going to be a great deal of different interpretations of a single entry (which there already are). Each is valid and should be considered in its own light and purpose. What I think would be beneficial for everyone is seeing these projects grouped together somehow, so that a person coming in could immediately go and find, say, all of the Terminator projects or restorations being undertaken. These could be broken into subheadings for teams or individuals, or the purpose of the restoration/edit.

Now, admittedly, there is a limitless scope to the forum’s subject matter, so any kind of databasing of the films would be an incredible undertaking, but at least if there could be a few subheadings, say for some the ‘key’ films that already have a lot of established projects underway on them here on the forum, or a even a simple breakdown into genres (e.g. fantasy, sci-fi, animation, etc.) would be a huge step forward. In terms of simple browsing and finding projects that are linked to one another or at least finding what you are looking for, this could really help clean up a lot of the ‘clutter’ on the forum. I guess it is just personal preference, but I would love to see a site that is easily navigable and can provide you with an idea of the great content that is contained within the forum. Something to think on, anyways.

The site as now is still a Beta so of course things will change, and this may be something in the works already. I apologise if this topic is redundant, but I read through other sections of the suggestions and features and didn’t see anything mentioned about it.