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Good extended Revenge of the Sith edit suggestions


Hello. I am sorry if this might be the wrong section, I was unsure where else to put this.

I am in search of a good Revenge of the Sith edit that incorporates the missing Padme scenes.

The problem with most of the popular edits I’ve seen is that they make fairly radical changes, usually involving removing a lot of the humor of the movie. I wouldnt mind an edit that did this in a minor way but it seems most of the edits I find remove A LOT of the jokes. I am a fan of GL and the movie, I really just want a good extended cut that is up to 2023 quality, let’s say, that incorporates the missing Padme scenes but attempts to finish some of the missing effects and music.

I did ifnd one that souds interesting, Bobsun Dugnutts extended cut. The only issue I have with it is that it includes Qui-gon dialogue from TCW during the Yoda scene, and include’s Shaakti’s deleted death scene.

I am showing my wife the whole series for the first time, including TCW, so I am trying to avoid anything that contradicts it or directly incorporates TCW into RotS.

So can anyone reccomend me an edit under these guidelines? Worse case scenario, we watch the Dugnutt edit and just acknowledge those small discrepancies and move on.


I believe octoroxx’s edit has what you’re looking for (but it does include the Qui-gon dialogue). I don’t remember how good the image quality was or where to find it, but that’s the one I thought was quite nicely done some time ago!