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Godzilla vs. the Thing - Red Menace HD reconstruction (Released)



The Godzilla vs. the Thing reconstruction is available now!

The 1080p HD reconstruction of the original US version of Godzilla vs. the Thing is completed and available to download! Have a look on the spleen or send a private message for details.

Notes on this release:

  • The Toho transfer has had its contrast and saturation boosted somewhat to alleviate its flat appearance. The Simitar DVD has had its brightness and contrast adjusted and its saturation drastically boosted in order to compensate for its even worse color palette. Contiguously-employed DVD sources have been color-corrected to match the enhanced Simitar transfer as closely as possible, while the Siren DVD’s credits have been matched as closely as possible to the colors of the Toho transfer.
  • The opening credits are from the 16mm-sourced Siren PAL DVD, the English newspaper headlines are from the Simitar letterbox DVD, and the ending AIP title is from the Classic Media DVD.
  • The Frontier Missile sequence is mainly taken from the Simitar letterbox DVD, with one missing shot and a missing portion of the next shot sourced from, respectively, the German Marketing-Film DVD and the Classic Media DVD, the latter of which results in a brief bit of footage appearing in pillarboxed 1.78:1 as opposed to the original film’s 2.35:1.
  • The Siren DVD was the main audio sync reference used in this project, with the Classic Media DVD used to sync audio that the former has out of sync for most of reel 2.
  • The reconstruction audio is primarily taken from the Simitar DVD, with gaps and splices filled in using the Siren and Classic Media DVDs.
  • The beginning of the film features a brief “overture,” consisting of the music that plays where the Japanese title card would be, before the AIP credits begin. This was a feature of the original theatrical release that has not been replicated on any home video release.

Did you do any HD reconstructions of Sea Monster or Son of Godzilla? Or is that not feasible with the materials available?

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Does anyone have a link for this? I’d love to check it out.