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Godzilla Trilogy - The Kaiju Cut (Released)


Hey y’all!

Always just lurked these forums, mainly just looking at all the cool open matte films and film preservation that goes on here. I wish I could contribute to that, but sadly all I have today is a fan cut of the recent Godzilla franchise. I took Godzilla 2014, King of the Monsters, and Godzilla vs. Kong. I might go back one day and splice in Skull Island, but the time jump sort of takes me out of it, since the trilogy feels like 1 long zilla story.

Anywho, here’s a trailer I made for it:

If you’re interested, shoot me a DM! It’s 1h50m. Sadly it’s not 4K, but I’m eventually going to just swap/relocate the footage with some 4K cuts down the road.


G-Money said:
since the trilogy feels like 1 long zilla story.

Really? I think this was the biggest problem, “Godzilla vs King Kong” does not feature Godzilla a whole lot. At movie is certainly a Kong-movie and a bad one at that imho, “King Kong (and also Godzilla)” would have been a better title.

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