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Godzilla, King of the Monsters - The Monster Cut


This post assumes that you have already watched the movie, and, to a lesser degree, that you didn’t like it, or liked parts of it. SPOILERS AHEAD.
I have been reading reviews and complaints and applied most of the changes I could to alleviate or even remove the frustrations I felt upon coming out of the theatre.


  • Absolutely no kid. No mentions to her character whatsoever. The protagonists only ever had one son.
  • Quippy Scientist is now Scientist#546. His only quip is in his very first appearance.
  • Almost no human reaction shots in Kaiju battles (the Rodan fight was insufferable with Quippy annoyingly
    commenting on what’s going on).
  • Tweaked OST at parts, most noticeably in Ghidorah’s awakening. You can hear the chanting now.
  • No Orca fixing in the rain.
  • Way fewer shots of people tumbling, shaking or screaming as if they were trying to play Star Trek with a
    video camera.
  • Fewer interventions by the Military, which were trying to steal Quippy’s job at times.
  • Serizawa’s section (you know what I’m talking about) entirely untouched. Except that now he doesn’t convince
    anybody. He says “I’ll go”, and everybody chills the fuck out because his is the only character arc that
    gets any closure.
  • Removed post credits scene. Probably the most unnecessary change of all. After all, it’s just pure,
    unadultered sequel bait.

Lines that are forever gone:

“This is the video with the genitals blurred out”
I’m a fan of your wife. 'S work. Your wife’s work. That came out wrong. The dude gets interrupted when he’s introducing himself and shuts the fuck up for most of the movie.
“That’s messed up, right?”
Oh my god… Zilla
Perhaps they’re looking for something more… intimate.
Hollow Earth, which is now just “we’re following godzilla into a hollow earth tunnel” at the beginning of the third act.
“With parents like you I’d also run away from home” and the absolutely ridiculous realization it leads to.

As a consequence the movie is now about 78% less annoyingly juvenile, and exactly 90 minutes long (without counting the credits).

What to expect
I kept every single monster shot in the movie, except perhaps for trimming a few frames in favor of smoother transitions between shots. Not always did I manage to make it seem flawless, what with keeping Billi Mrown out of frame and being my first fan-edit. Removing the girl has unsurprisingly almost no bearing on the overall plot. The only thing she does is steal a thing that is now in the hands of a different character. The human presence is big enough as it is, and they mostly just speak about monsters: their names, the reasons for the awakenings, what they are doing, etc.
It is possible that one or two jumpy audio cuts might have slipped. My tools and my skills are limited. I an absolute amateur. This is probably one of the biggest files I’ve ever even looked at in my video editor. If I had the macros, different tracks for soundtrack, sound effects and dialogue, as well as the entirety of monster shots, a different movie would have come out. But I believe I did my best with what I have, and I am happy with the overall result, even if it is only for how much I’ve learned about editing. If we ever get ahold of deleted scenes, I will make the 1.1 version of the cut, which will include a flashback to Sherizawa’s watch.


Plz pm me a link 2 Ur fanedit Dat gets rid of the annoying human characters…


Hello, that looks amazing. Can you please send this link for PM?


This sounds great, Fixes the problems i also had, Can you pm me a link?


Sounds perfect. The humans, once again, were just distractions in this film. At least the first film was somewhat compelling. We wanted to see kaiju fights, not people being shocked or running around! Have you considered possibly brightening up certain scenes? The end fight, while more visible than the first movie, is a tad on the dark side. Or maybe it was the theatre I went to. Either way, I’d love to give your edit a watch!


Sounds like a good concept! I def. wanna see this.


I’d like to see this edit if anyone can help a brotha out.


Thanks for sharing with me!

I personally think it still needs quite a bit of work to be watchable. Which is perfectly okay if this is your first cut and to be expected.

Here’s my thoughts/suggestions:

  • Most of the cuts lack audio transitions. This is the bare minimum you should always do to make it seem more smooth.
  • Not all of the cuts properly take the flow of the movie into consideration or aren’t quite timed ideally, resulting for example in a sweeping camera that almost reaches its target and then is cut off, or abrupt music changes that change the mood unorganically and such.
  • The WMV Codec isn’t the ideal choice for good quality, I’d go with an x264 encode. The image looks pretty soft at the moment and has lots of compression artifacts and is overall not very enjoyable to look at.
  • Possibly related to the codec choice, the black levels and overall contrast and colors don’t seem quite right.

Sounds amazing. Could you pm me a link please?