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Godzilla 1998 : Toho Cut (Released)


Okay i’ll just cut to the point.

I was particularly inspired by the japanese trailers & posters for Godzilla 98 & figured since they used the showa Godzilla roar in the trailers i wondered by the movie would’ve been like if they used toho sound effects in the japanese cut of Godzilla 98 so i did this.

-Cut & addition list-

Removed tristar & centropolis entertainment logo

Added Toho logo

Changed the entire opening credits to BW

Added Showa Godzilla roars & growls in place of Godzilla 98’s although a tiny bit of his roars & growl are still present as they were too hard to remove

Nick still sings but has been heavily toned to down to the point where he’s just quietly singing it now

Deleted Audrey’s introduction

Added a shot of Godzilla swimming underwater

Deleted Audrey in the diner with her friends

Deleted Caiman obliviousness to Godzilla passing through the window

Added Museum teaser trailer

Deleted Animal’s laughter after surviving getting stepped on by Godzilla

Deleted Audrey stealing Caiman’s badge

Deleted Audrey & Lucy in the subway

Deleted Mayor Ebert’s “You never know anything”

Deleted Mayor Ebert’s “Why do i keep you around?”

Deleted Godzilla crushing on Nick

Deleted Godzilla Vs. helicopter Sequence

Added A scene from independence day where the aliens destroy a building that had people looking up at them for Godzilla’s power breath sequence

Deleted Mayor Ebert’s “What the hell is the matter with you people?!YOU’VE CAUSED MORE DAMAGE THAN THE GODDAMN THING DID”

Deleted a large portion of the underwater battle with Godzilla & the subs & just kept the second half where he changes course

Deleted Animal mentioning where the Nicks take showers

Deleted Nick’s “wrong floor” moment

Deleted The comical tire bounce once Godzilla falls down

So yeah this is pretty much my take on Godzilla 1998 & hope everyone enjoys what i’ve done with the movie also i should mention the i used both the expanded soundtrack & the 5 channels sound from the movie so there will be a couple moments where the audio is stereo & mono but it’s only because the first 3 channels has moments where Godzilla’s roars & growls are absent & was perfect for me to add the show Godzilla sound effects so keep that in mind before downloading.


Here’s some samples.

You either die a trilogy or live long enough to see yourself become batman & robin.