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Getting ready to burn dvd's. Quick question about folder structure.


I’m in the process of preparing a set of standard single layer DVDs of DEED trilogy. I downloaded NTSC DVD5 versions for this burn. However, I had some questions about the unarchived files.

I’m on a Mac and used Unarchiver to compile the .rar’s.
I’m planning to use BURN software for mac to create the dvds with an LG burner.

All of the files appeared on my hard-drive as Video_TS folders, which as far as I can tell is the correct file structure for DVDs.

Inside this folder structure there appear to be some information files (.ifo and .bup) along with .vob files playable on VLC player. However, each film is broken up into multiple .vob’s rather than one file as I expected. is this a problem, or will it all burn correctly? Also there’s one .VOB file in each folder that appears to be empty and useless, what is this?

Sorry for the newbie questions, i don’t have the DVD media yet, so I can’t really trial and error right now. When I open the VIDEO_TS folder in VLC player, the whole movie loads up fine, so I’m guessing it’ll burn properly.

Also, are there basic menus in these files, or do I need to use one of the “aftermarket” box set style menus that folks are building around here? I can’t seem to figure that out using VLC