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Gerry Anderson's Terrahawks studio film and audio material (Urgent help)


Good day fellows. I’m not sure how many of you are aware of Terrahawks, nor how many of you care to see its studio film reels and audio tapes saved, but here goes.
Terrahawks was a Gerry Anderson Sci-fi puppet TV show that ran from 1983 to 1986 in the UK. It has since been released on DVD and Bluray, but this isn’t neccesarily indicative of how well the show has been preserved. The original 16mm film negatives were lost some time around 2005 when the warehouse that housed them filed for bankruptcy. Because of this, 4 of the 39 episodes no longer have complete film masters. Not to mention how badly the audio for some episodes has degraded overtime.

However in November 2020, several rare and unique items from the Terrahawks’ original studio production went up for auction. These were bought by me so as to prevent them from being scattered to parts unknown. However I lack any equipment neccesary to digitse these tapes myself, so instead I have to rely on commission orders, sending the materials off to be digitsed that way. I am almost cleaned out of pocket from what few materials I have digitsed thus far. I would like to ask the people of this forum for donations of any sort to help me get these precious film and audio materials preserved.

Some examples of items I have digitised already can be viewed through the links below.

If this has interested you, please consider donating to my Ko-Fi page via the link here.

I cannot do this on my own funds alone. I need your help. Here’s hoping that this gets noticed.