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Game of Thrones: An Honorable Cut


Hi everyone

Game of Thrones: An Honorable Cut was made as an alternative way of watching the Game
of Thrones series with all the gratuitous sex, nudity, torture, weak storylines, and overall cheapness taken out. Please message me to download!

I have taken all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones and edited it down into 30 “chapters”, each the length of a feature length movie, ranging from 1:30 to 2:14 hours. Each “chapter” focuses on the stories of a select few characters, with an overarching theme given in the title of the chapter. I have made sure to tell the story in a linear fashion that makes sense in itself and keep everything that is best about the series in. This does not mean I’ve taken out all sex, nudity and violence, because sometimes it is justifiable to keep the story going, and sometimes it has a strong dramatic effect. I have mainly taken it out when it cheapens the effect, or makes for weak storytelling.

Overall I have cut the series down from 4214 minutes to 3151 minutes, roughly trimmed it by about 25%.

I’d recommend watching this if you’ve either:
Seen the Game of Thrones series and you want to rewatch it, but don’t want to relive all the cheap, ridiculousness and silly plot points of seasons 6-8 and all the gratuitous sex, torture and nudity of seasons 1-5.
Haven’t seen the Game of Thrones series, and you’re into fantasy series’ like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, but you’re put off by some of the criticism that the show has had about sexual violence/rape scenes and poor writing towards the end. This new edit can’t undo some of the bad writing of seasons 7 - 8. The reason why these seasons weren’t as good was mainly down to too much happening to quickly, and it is impossible to fix that through cutting, I have instead kept all the strongest material from these seasons that keeps the story going, and taken out all the extra bits.

I don’t know how to submit fan edits to this website - this is the first thing I’ve done, so please PM me for a download link/let me know how I can submit this somehow.

Just a heads up - the version I have of this has fixed english subtitles in Chapters 26 - 30, this is from an issue I had with ripping the video. I am looking into this issue though and it should be resolved by the end of May, so anyone starting the series now should be able to have the resolved final chapters by the time they get up to them!

The whole series is also in SD, not HD, as it was ripped from DVD rather than Blu-ray, so it is to be enjoyed in the same way you might have enjoyed the old Lord of the Rings series when you first watched it on DVD.

Here is an overview of the chapters:
Chapter 1: Truth - Season 1 (1:42)
Chapter 2: Danger - Season 1 (1:39)
Chapter 3: Cripples - Season 1 (1:36)
Chapter 4: Mercy - Season 1 + 2 (1:52)
Chapter 5: Ashes - Season 1 + 2 (2:10)
Chapter 6: Kings - Season 2 (2:08)
Chapter 7: Undying - Season 2 (1:50)
Chapter 8: Chains - Season 2 + 3 (1:34)
Chapter 9: Chaos - Season 3 (1:55)
Chapter 10: Oathbreakers - Season 3 (2:13)
Chapter 11: Fidelity - Season 3 + 4 (1:41)
Chapter 12: Family - Season 3 + 4 (1:36)
Chapter 13: Mutineers - Season 4 (1:49)
Chapter 14: Vengeance - Season 4 (1:30)
Chapter 15: Betrayal - Season 4 (1:31)
Chapter 16: Loyalty - Season 4 + 5 (1:40)
Chapter 17: Faith - Season 5 (1:34)
Chapter 18: Abandonment - Season 5 (1:42)
Chapter 19: Sacrifice - Season 5 (1:40)
Chapter 20: Atonement - Season 5 + 6 (1:36)
Chapter 21: Power - Season 5 + 6 (1:35)
Chapter 22: Reflections - Season 6 (1:41)
Chapter 23: War - Season 6 (1:32)
Chapter 24: Fire - Season 6 (1:37)
Chapter 25: Queens - Season 7 (1:49)
Chapter 26: Children - Season 7 (1:53)
Chapter 27: Lies - Season 7 (2:14)
Chapter 28: Death - Season 8 (1:48)
Chapter 29: Fear - Season 8 (1:53)
Chapter 30: Liberation - Season 8 (1:34)

Please make sure you own a copy of the series yourself before asking to download of course!


Hello and welcome!

Your edit of GOT sounds interesting, especially as I am looking to begin watching GOT again with my step son who hasn’t seen it before.

I would appreciate a link to check out your work.

Thanks in advance


Hi MoviesGamesMusic

I have sent you a PM, this version of GOT should be a good one to watch with the stepson - it’s a little bit more family-friendly! Though I’ll warn you - I haven’t cut out all the sex/nudity, just the gratuitous bits! So for example, you can expect the tower scene at the end of S1E1 and the very last scene of Season 1 to still be in there.


Sent you a pm. Thanks for all the hard work. Excited to check it out.


Once you have watched the series, please give me feedback on it here.
So far I’ve had feedback about the hardcoded subtitles in chapters 26-30 and the low video/sound quality. In terms of the subtitles, I will be taking those out by the end of May, and I have decided I will be purchasing the blu-ray versions of all the seasons so I can do a HD version of the edits, which I predict will be ready by the end of July. In the meantime whilst people are happy to watch the SD version please let me know if there was anything you believe didn’t work well so I can make these amendments in the updated HD version.

Also let me know if there’s any other series you think this feature-length “chapter” format might work well with, I’m happy to make more! I was thinking of doing a Twin Peaks one, which includes material from the ‘Fire Walk with Me’ movie, the original series and the new ‘Return’ series, compiling it down to about 20 movies.

Thank you



It is so good to hear that you are doing a HD version. In this day and age, SD just hurts my eyes! Lol

Look forward to your update in July 😃


Excellent on the upgraded cut. So far my wife and I are loving these, but would also love a better quality version.


Just an update:

I know I said I’d have versions without subtitles for the last few chapters by the end of May - and now that time has passed, unfortunately I don’t have these ready right now, but it is because I’ve been working through all the seasons to create a HD version of all the chapters. In this new HD version I will be amending any errors I made in the original movies, including the subtitles in the last few chapters. This will still be done by the end of July, and I will be uploading each chapter as I go along. I’ll keep you all updated about it via PM. Thank you everyone for enjoying the original movies despite the quality! I just thought it was pointless to amend the subtitles but keep it low quality, and then go back to it again when I make it HD. At the moment I’m just cutting all the footage, and in a couple of weeks I’ll be compiling it into the chapters, and once that happens you will see me uploading a new movie every 1-2 days!