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Friends: The Last One In Vegas (Released)


I love Friends, but for me it went on way too long and I sort of tuned out around season six, coming back for the last ever season. I still kept track of it in all that time though and I’m glad I stopped out when I did as the plots just got more and ridiculous, Joey got dumber, Ross and Rachel just would not settle with one another despite having a child. Only Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe seemed to come out of the whole thing largely unscathed. and developed organically and with less convolution.

So I figured, having watched the whole series lately and realised absolutely nothing from season six through to the end of season ten was worth exploring, that I would bring the series to an end with season five’s “The One In Vegas”, using the absolute bare minimal of “The Last One” bolted on at the end, complete with a “Five Years Later” card. The last scene of Friends doesn’t actually reference any real developments from the last few series and exists as an island onto itself. Monica and Chandler having adopted kids isn’t really a concern as you can just assume they had them in the ensuing five years anyway.

So there you go. Ross and Rachel get drunk, get married, you can presume Chandler and Monica don’t chicken out of their own Vegas wedding, very little to do with Phoebe’s lurker sub plot or Joey’s identical hand twin stupidity. This is the one to end it all!