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Frame-rate playback issues with 4K77?


Hello everyone!
Silver Screen Samurai here, pleased to make your acquaintance. Some of you may know me from over on the forums, pleased to see you here as well.

I recently downloaded 4K77 (2160p, no DNR, v1.0) and, to parrot what’s been said already, it’s nothing short of mesmerizing. One thing I wanted to ask – sorry if it’s been asked before, but I don’t see anyone discussing it – is anyone having issues with the playback?

When I play it, even from an external drive, it only seems to play at 12 fps. The other files included in the folder, such as the rating cards and disclaimers, all play at 24 fps just fine; but for some reason the MKV of the actual film plays at 12 fps. It’s not that it’s playing SLOWER, mind you, it’s just skipping every other frame. So normal speed, but at 12 fps.

Is this just a captain obvious “your processor can’t handle the file, it’s dropping the frames to keep up,” or have I actually done something wrong in downloading it from Usenet? Just wanna confirm.

Thanks for anyone who responds!