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Fourth trilogy pitch


Worldbuilding: set 300 years after episode 9, the galaxy is ruled by 2 factions

THE SOCIETY: modeled after platos republic, the society is a feudal-Roman esque government ruled by force sensitives. This is arranged in a pyramid. The top is force sensitive elites, who rule the galaxy and are organized in houses. Each house is rules a sector and has its own represenitive in the senate. The society is largely theocratic and that it believes that the force is guiding it. The second level are the soldiers of the society, federal service is seen as a means to get more rights in the society which means that most people join this. The society believes that “citizenship is something earned, not a right”. These soldiers are not limited by humans but also allows non humans in their ranks, making sure not to repeat the empires mistakes of alienating non humans. They wear chrome armor similar to knights of the old republic with some swords and blasters as well as personal shields. They are like knights meet soldiers. The third level is the lowest, they are non force sensitives who don’t have federal jobs. They are given “protection” if they obey. They are pacified by the church of the force(they grown more numerous and are the dominant religion in some sectors) whom they control, the religion make them view the society as the head of the universe and unquestionable. The society is powerful and is the dominant superpower is the galaxy. It is ruled by a powerful person called “the sovereign” who is a skywalker. The population is also pacified because of a booming economy. Droids do most of the jobs while organics are free to do whatever they want. The skywalkers and the strongest families are in the top competing for power. While lower families sum of all their armies are enough to take on the skywalkers. This constant competition assures that all families get stronger but also rely on eachother for order. They were once jedi knights who took power after economic collapse of the republic…they having grown wary of secular rule. Thus this trilogy has phillip pullman esque themes of theocratic totalitarianism. Their philosophy is that of the ubermensch…Believing themselves to be above common morality and themselves the pinnacle of evolution. They replenish their ranks thanks to society temples throughout the galaxy…where ambitious people apply to them to learn to tap the force. Few ever actually succeed but when you add them up from planet to planet you have a pretty efficient machine that produces the best(the ubermensch ideal means that constant infighting would weed out the strongest from the weak).

THE SECOND IMPERIUM: after the fall of the first order it was almost a given that palpatine empire was forever destroyed. Unfortunately the first order fled to the outer rim where it found a limitless supply of kyber crystals…a source of energy that was cheaper and more powerful than all other sources. The galaxy economy was all the verge of collapse. And when the first order introduced this new form of energy they experienced a economic boom of epic proportions. Quickly gaining superpower status. Since it is the galaxies main energy supplier it was able to wield immense influence and become a superpower, using its wealth to build the new empire to new heights and investing in a building project that transformed the imperium into a powerhouse. When the society risen it was faced with a equal whose theocratic tendencies frightened the more secular minded imperium. Although inspired by palpatines empire, the second imperium is without a doubt much more benevolent than its ancestors. Getting rid of its xenophobic policies and calling themselves “the imperium”. This empire is ruled by a emperor wielding massive power. It is just as powerful as the society…forcing our protagonists to choose between the lesser of the evils. They use cybernetics in their soldiers(making them much more dangerous than stormtroopers are usually depicted in media)

Like legacy there are complex alliances and differing motives and agendas among them.


Over the centuries, the skywalkers had breeded with several species to the point of changing their species. Picture an physically imposing being, red skin(or In one characters case tobias skywalker has gray cracked skin and looks like sion), Tom cruise style war of the worlds style alien cobra head, with a well structured face, good looking smile, blue eyes and a devil tail with four fingers with no nails on each hand but grow into claws when provoked. They are beautiful yet powerful and deadly

BACKSTORY: The skywalker clan was ruled by a tyrant father, who would treat his children like pawns than any real affection. The 3 children are tobias(bastard son of the ruler thus the most mistreated), Adrian(the golden boy and heir to the society throne), and nadia were codependent on eachothers support. Tobias and Adrian always protected nadia from her father’s beatings and schemes. Tobias became powerful in the dark side and had gray cracked skin that glows and a black lightsaber which he claimed from Mandalore. He is leader of a dark side group that believes in freedom and Individualism. Adrian grown to seek his fathers approval till one day his father started a civil war to position himself as absolute ruler of the society. Nadia Adrian and tobias were sent to war, nadia growing traumatized and feeling hopeless she would meet a non force sensitive soldier named Kyle. Kyle is a charming fellow who falls in love with nadia, nadia and him would make love in secret and one day Adrian snaps and kill his father and bring his head to the senate. Where he and tobias promise to rule with greater wisdom than their father did. Nadia would get pregnant thus violating the society’s eugenics laws that required force sensitives to breed with other force sensitives. Thus kyle and her would run away to begin their new family. Living happily on the run for 5 years till one day something terrible happens to nadia. Nadia dies during an assault from the society against a underground jedi sect. She sacrifices herself leaving kyle alone with his son. Kyle is now paranoid and becomes over protective of his son…setting the story arc of the first movie

STORY: after the death of nadia, kyle has grown overprotective of his son david skywalker. His worst fear is realized when david one day in a act of rebellion decides to steal from society troops and gets caught by tobias skywalker. Tobias sends david to Adrian to be trained(and brainwashed), while this is happening kyle goes on a quest to look for “the lost jedi” and learns to take risks in life and learns to get over the death of his wife to become a better father to his son. He reunites with his father who is the pirate king and seeks his help to finding the lost jedi. His arc is him reconciling with his son as well and becoming a better father. Tobias is on the pursuit of vengeance against kyle for kidnapping his sister and is on a path to forgiveness and appreciation of kyle and his new found bravery. David is being slowly corrupted and brainwashed by a possesive Adrian who teaches him self reliance while the droids(r2, bb8, and c3po) teach him compassion and try to get him to his father. This all leads to a emotional confrontation between father and son

For those wondering how the first movie is structured than here it is

The first movie is essentially structured like empire strikes back

Plot a is where David and Adrian are training and his development as a character

Plot b is kyle being chased by tobias while looking for the lost jedi And his development as a character.


ADRIAN: the main villian of the trilogy, he is the ruler of the society and what makes him different is that his ultimate goal is that he wants to become a godlike being through the valley of the jedi so that he can bring paradise to the galaxy. He is not a villian in his mind but a hero who sees himself as prometheus brining his wisdom to mortals. He also never wanted to be sovereign and only did it out of nessecity…not want. He and david have a complex villian - hero relationship. One built on obsession and respect.

TOBIAS: the bastard son of the skywalker clan. Tobias has a complex relationship with everyone in his life. Tobias became a dark sider because he felt the dark side was his only friend. This behavior stems from his belief that his existence was a mistake, something that should have never occurred, and because of that, he is unloveable. He wasn’t important to his father, he wasn’t GOOD enough for his sister to choose to stay with him. But now, there’s this other person. Someone who Nadia loved once, and with her dead, maybe killing her beloved Kyle is the best he can do to repay her for her betrayal. His feeling of powerlessness drives him to dark places in the trilogy but later forms a relationship with kyle.

KYLE THYRELL: an anxious overprotective father who learns to let his son go and to take more risks in life. Kyle is the main protagonist of this trilogy along with David. His first arc in the trilogy is him getting over his grief to become a better and more adventurous father to his son. He also goes through other arcs in this trilogy. Kyle is a single father who is blue collar and struggling to make ends meat as a miner. He also is very humorous but uses humor more as a defense mechanism. He is also prone to being a bit selfish and often would back off from hard things in life. He loves his son and would dp everything for him. He would rather him be wrapped in bubble wrap than being hurt.

DAVID SKYWALKER: the son of kyle, he is a kid coming of age and learning to be a idependent adult over the course of this trilogy while struggling with existential crisis coming with that.

Trilogy structure:

Movie 1: kyle chases after his son as tobias chases him, david learns the force and self reliance bUT also compassion. Lost jedi quest

Movie 2: civil war in the society as tobias declares war on Adrian, imperium, tobias’s forces, and the lost jedi work together to bring the society down at a battle on coruscant

Movie 3: after their defeat at coruscant, tobias and kyle and david lick their wounds. Adrian goes to the valley of the jedi and brings a bulk of the senate with him. Tobias, kyle, and david go on a lone mission(making the stakes more personal) to end the society in a final battle, them vs a godlike Adrian and the bulk of the society fleet with no fleet of their own and only their wit. The trilogy would end with tobias as ruler and kyle and him forming something…


In the first part of this trilogy introduces 2 characters in a intense chase who are absolute opposites and both shared a deep love for a woman whom one of them fell in love with…nadia.

Kyle wants to iron out his relationship with his son as well as get over the death of his wife

Tobias was close to nadia(so close that tobias was almost jealous of kyle). He also begins to understand and appreciate kyle over the course of the first installment

In the second installment Kyle and tobias can form a bond for their collective love of nadia. And that bond can symbolize a bridge

This bond can go deeper

They can fall in love

A romance between 2 warriors who share a common value of love for family and honor

Tobias wants love and kyle isn’t someone to hold grudges forever

they both are soldiers for different causes and they both have lost the greatest person in their lives

their differences also match…kyle is a fatherly charming person while tobias is a dark being with a mean streak but deep vulnerability. Kyle also helps tobias deal with his self worth issues and makes tobias feel loved and special.

Tobias isn’t human and is actually quite frightening as a character since he spent much of the first installment chasing kyle like it’s a horror movie(Picture an physically imposing being, gray cracked skin, Tom cruise style war of the worlds style alien head, with a well structured face, good looking smile, fiery yellow eyes and a devil tail with four fingers with no nails on each hand, he is strangely beautiful and is charming but very frightening when angry)

but kyle wouldn’t mind

In the sequel you have Tobias grappling with his feelings. He’s a member of the Skywalker clan, he’s not supposed to fall for a non Force-sensitive. He’s a ruler, this man is a failed miner. This stranger took his sister away, why should he care for him now? And if he can admit that he DOES care for him, how could he ever deserve affection from him?

Perhaps Tobias finds it harder to access the Dark Side, and goes into a depressed period, and Kyle is able to comfort him and reassure him of his own humanity, reminding him that he has no Force powers, and is still important…leading to kyle and tobias forming a romantic relationship.

Once you make tobias into a gay individual a lot of cool things fall into place. You have a villian actually becoming a love interest to the hero.

This is the basic romance structure of my trilogy

Movie 1: tobias chases kyle but over the course of the story grows to forgive kyle

Movie2: tobias is now in dire straights thanks to his brother and must confront the romantic feelings he has for kyle as kyle also must struggle with the same

The third installment: tobias and kyle fave their first trial as they fight for their family and they finally tie the knot…becoming a family and consummating their love.

All three along with the imperium, the lost jedi form a galactic federation that is called the trivurate…which is a galactic government that is democratic but consists of the lost jedi, the imperium, and the reformed society

This is my trilogy

Thoughts on this trilogy?