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For Your Eyes Only (40th Anniversary Recut)


For the upcoming 40th anniversary of For Your Eyes Only, I decided to do a fan edit on which as of now it’s currently on the final stages of editing. The aim is to engage the pacing slightly faster by removing small scenes that add up into minor excessive material. I personally enjoy Bill Conti’s score which pumps up the excitement in most action scenes so it’ll remain. Updates of this fan edit may appear soon in the future but for the meantime, I hope you enjoy the fan edit when it comes out.
[Update for 6-24-21] Today marks the 40th anniversary of the film. There are still things that I want to improve on the fan edit firstly redo everything on a blu-ray rip since the one I first did was pulled from an ultimate dvd edition. There are changes from the previous fan edit that I plan to not bring back in this upcoming new version but the new biggest plans are restoring the deleted scenes for the film. Once I get into the 2nd version of the fan edit, I’ll leave an update of what’s to come with the progress.

-Replaced the Blofeld pre-title sequence with the sinking of St. Georges since Bond’s revenge for Tracy defeats the purpose of telling Melina to refrain her vengeance.
-Added a new title song sequence featuring Blondie’s rejected submission with a few additional scenes and clips from other title sequences made from Maurice Binder for A View To A Kill, For Your Eyes Only Music Video, The Living Daylights, & Licence To Kill.
-Additional sound effects including a small Easter Egg were included.
-Scenes involving Lyn-Holly Johnson were trimmed to provide Bond information instead of her attempting too hard to ask him out.
-The Pie lady and the Wine man were removed.
-The afternoon shopping with Melina was removed.
-A small scene of Kristatos eating nothing on his fork was removed.
-The small snippet of when one of Leopold’s goons grabs the grenade thrown by Bond was removed.
-The 2nd submarine battle was removed which I thought it was excessive enough.
-The last Q scene in St. Cyril was removed since it doesn’t add anything major but explain about Columbo and Melina recruiting.
-Sheena Easton’s main theme is still kept in the fan edit as the end credits theme instead.

Technical specs:
File size: 10.95 GB
Format Exported: Standard DVD Quality
Framerate: 50 fps

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I would really appreciate a link to your edit of FYEO. It’s by far the best of the Roger Moore Bond movies. Than you.


I would really appreciate a link to your edit of FYEO. It’s by far the best of the Roger Moore Bond movies. Thank you.