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Flash Gordon Rumor - now a 'general discussion' thread for Flash Gordon — Page 3


Darth Dougal said:

I imported the 5-disc set from the UK and just finished watching the 4K version. It’s outstanding. Unlike many HDR presentations, I rarely felt like it went overboard in terms of contrast. Still mostly looked filmic.

Hi Jay, did you notice any problems with the soundtrack?

I’ve got the Zavvi 3 disc 4K steelbook, which is the Studio Canal UK edition of the remaster. I can only watch the blu-ray (no 4K gear yet) but the 5.1 DTS MA soundtrack on my disc is a mess. One of the AV forums here in the UK has picked up on this as well.

The Queen soundtrack is phasey and distorted, music was routed through the front right and centre speakers. I’ve asked Zavvi if they have heard about a recall yet (unlikely).

Update: Turns out the dialogue is meant to be routed through the front speakers and everything else through the rear ones. Re-setting the speaker mode on my receiver should fix the problem. The stereo soundtrack is fine. Perhaps the studio created a surround mix from the original stereo magnetic track using something like CEDAR Cambridge software.

Sorry, just saw this. I only have a 2-channel setup and headphones these days, so I listened to the stereo track, which sounded great.

I need to give it another watch. Too good to leave it for only once a year 😃 Administrator



I just wish we could get a half decent release of the cheapo 50’s tv version, but the only one getting re-released is the 80s one.