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First fan edit, lots of technical questions, sorry!


Hi all
I’m just starting my first fan edit, using the UK Blu Ray of TLJ as the source. I think I’m about ready to start, having converted the source files into a Lagarith video file and 6 .wav audio files, using a file conversion guide from However so that I don’t have to abort the project and start again there’s a few things I’m hoping for some clarification on.

My main aim is to try and produce audio and video in the highest quality throughout, lossless wherever possible. Any help here, however minor would be very much appreciated.

  1. The BluRay’s original audio was a DTS-HD 7.1 track. Is there a free/cheap way of getting 8 .wav files instead of 6?

  2. If I can only get 6 .wav files “out”, what am I losing? Am I correct in believing the other 2 channels are simply “downmixed” into the 6 and in reality how much impact will this have?

  3. I tried to use an application called Tranzcode to split the DTS Core sound file into 6 .wav files but these wouldn’t open in Vegas (I think because they were in a 32 bit float codec?) So instead I used Eac3to to convert from my core .dts file to 6 .wavs. Is there a quality drop because I used Eac3to and not Tranzcode? The files are smaller and 24 bits instead of 32 but I don’t know how to get the Tranzcode ones to import into Vegas?

Thanks for getting this far