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Film Odyssey (1972)


This is a KCET motion picture anthology consisting of films from the Janus library. All films are presented in their original languages, with subtitles. As I currently cannot access the interviews that were broadcast alongside each episode, I’m doing them as vanilla with the usual PBS trimmings, including the Xerox sponsor tag, but as a bonus, I’m also doing them in their respective original aspect ratios, and including trailers for upcoming episodes of the anthology.

The episodes are as follows:

  • Jules and Jim (1:56:46) [TV-14 L]
  • The Blue Angel (1:56:46) [TV-PG S]
  • Grand Illusion [TV-PG LV]
  • M [TV-14]
  • Seven Samurai [TV-14 V]
  • Beauty and the Beast [TV-PG]
  • Ivan the Terrible Part I [TV-PG V]
  • The 39 Steps [TV-PG V]
  • The Rules of the Game [TV-PG V]
  • Intimate Lighting [TV-PG DL]
  • Potemkin [TV-14 V]
  • Barrier [TV-PG]
  • Classic Shorts I [TV-PG]
  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari [TV-PG]
  • Orpheus [TV-PG]
  • Knife in the Water [TV-14 LSV]
  • The Overcoat [TV-G]
  • Our Daily Bread [TV-G]
  • Yojimbo [TV-14 V]
  • The Last Laugh [TV-G]
  • Sawdust and Tinsel [TV-14 DLS]
  • Man of Aran [TV-G]
  • L’Avventura [TV-14]
  • Classic Shorts II [TV-PG]
  • Two Daughters [TV-PG]
  • The Young and the Damned [TV-14 DSV]

Links will be made available via PM on request as they’re released.


Jules and Jim will be made available sometime this week, most likely tomorrow.