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Thunderball: Warhead Edition - Rangerkris

Thunderball was a fine followup to Goldfinger. The style and tone of the film were peerless, and it was the last Bond in which Connery seemed committed.
Over the years, however, there were complaints of sluggish pacing.
In Thunderball Warhead, Rangerkris cut the reruns and the redundant, and jolted the tempo.

Video - Nice editing, good flow from scene to scene. Noticed noise or artifacts in background sky while Emilio Largo and Fiona Volpe were skeet shooting (58.47). Checked my DVD, nothing there.

Audio - Quality, two channel stereo, thought the stereo seemed non-existent except during action climaxes. Then the range was loud and wide. So dynamic, in fact, that headphones came out to spare non viewers in the room.

Narrative - As designed, Thunderball Warhead propels ahead like Fiona’s blue Mustang. Plot held together, but first time viewers might have assumed there were goofs. When Domino first calls 007, James Bond, there was no introduction before that. Later, Felix and Bond took barely one minute of screen time to locate the missing Vulcan bomber. The climactic underwater battle was wisely trimmed, while staying coherent.

Enjoyment - A bit uneasy here. Thunderball is easily one of my favorite Bond movies. I saw it at the theater when it was released, owned it on VHS, Laserdisc, and DVD. Connery was superb in this. The pacing was lethargic at times, which I chalked up to rush release and padded script. Rangerkris’s removals of spa scenes, the Nassau hotel, and the hunt for the Vulcan definitely accelerated the story, but also cast a movie-of-the-week feel.
Not to confuse anyone, I did enjoy this edit, and it was well crafted. Easily recommended to action fans, Bond buffs, especially to those who normally punch the fast-forward button. You won’t do that it this one.


Alligator – Elongator’d (Alligator - 1980) - MusicEd921

Filesize = 9.8 GB, Video = 1920 X 1080p AVC, Audio = 221 kbps AAC, 2-Channel Stereo. No Subs.

Some give this flick a cursory view, then dismiss as a Jaws knockoff.
Please! All the “Jaws” films combined would never be a funny as this.
From the opening gator rasslin’ done gone wrong, to Harry Lime Lives, this is packed with sly moments.
Of course, you have to pay attention, and you have to be knowledgeable of the in-jokes.
The alligator in the sewers is almost as fearful as the rat in the toilet, rising up to take a bite during a an exposed moment.
Characters seem basic tropes, though the baddies are especially well played.
I did not notice most the additions to this (meaning, good job), and I have viewed the original frequently.
(My wife and I had a weirdly memorable experience in the Everglades with dozens of alligators, in an era that was more free range than today.)
Note: Filesize is large, though not immense. I would burn and keep, but cannot. Those who can, this is a great, old school, Saturday popcorn movie.


The Adventures of Superman: The Kryptonite Saga Vol 1-3 - Siebener

Tasteful adaptation of lengthy radio serial.
All intro and closing music has been removed, as well as recaps.
The discreet over-layering of classical music cues enhance the soundscape.
Audio editing struck me as seamless.

This would make a nice introduction to OTR (old time radio), and it is just short enough to listen to on a commute.
60 minutes per remixed episode.
Bear in mind, Superman was a childrens program, so the plot is simplistic and many characters are adult juveniles.

Much of the youth tone disappears with V2, charting Superman’s fight with Atom Man, fiendish Nazi weapon.
The Nazi survivors are not cartoon types, either.
Despite being a childrens radio show, this was surprisingly dark, and somewhat techie, with references to atomic weaponry.
Artwork was fine, though images were available online featuring Atom Man.

With V3, Siebener concludes his Superman audio trilogy on a peak. This installment focuses on narrative and action. Next to no jokes, juvenile humor, or dimwitted henchmen.
Fun, popcorn packed adventure as the Man Of Steel battles Atom Man, the diehard Nazi, bent on destroying Metropolis. The last seconds of the edit even leave the possibility of a further sequel open … if barely a crack … with the Caped Crusader.


Wes Craven’s Dark Nightmare (Wes Craven’s New Nightmare) - Dr. Sapirstein

Filesize = 3.9 GB, Video = 1280 X 720p AVC, Audio = 448 kbps 5.1 AC3. No subs.

“The fans want Freddy back,” the producer informs Heather.
Yeah, maybe, but they probably did not want this stinker.
Even the gifted Dr. Sapirstein cannot completely remove the hog whiffle from this one.
Purging the screeching Dylan would have been the first and best step.
There are countless trims in this, which hurry the pace.
There is less Freddy, however, and more Dylan, who is annoying beyond belief.
(I am not a fan of the “child in danger” cliché. In US movies, kids are never killed.
The cutting is flawless. The sound mix is loud, bordering on bombastic at times.
Best part of this edit – putting Dokken back in.
Freddy curious, stick with #1 and #3.


Scream - The Giallo Cut - Neglify

Groundbreaking and fresh when first released, Scream has been copied and parodied so much that return viewings now seem stale and predictable. Neglify drags a rather scrubbed and polished film straight into grindhouse. The result is much better.

Video - Awful, by design. Cropped to 4 X 3 to resemble the VHS experience. The top of the screen suffers pronounced curling and distortion. Noise appears at random times, as does flutter. Then there are surprise, inserted scenes. Color does not match, nor does brightness or focus. That said, the video itself did not suffer from over-used damaging.

Audio - Pretty good here. I warble frequently about not being able to transition from deafening explosions to whispered dialogue, but no problem here.

Narrative - The additional sequences, a few seconds here and there, improve the story. Adding a flashback element to Sidney’s intimacy issues and obvious weird dreams.

Last rewatched on Halloween night. Have not watched the original in years, in fact, I’m tired of it and the bloatload of sequels.
Definitely one for Giallo fans - even if you’d only watched one or two Argento or Fulci. Be aware this ain’t your daddy’s Scream, though.


Cosmogony - The Man Behind The Mask (TMBTM)

Filesize = 4.16 GB, Video = 720 X 480p mpgv, Audio = 320 kbps 2-Channel Stereo AC3

Ambitious story of humanity from the genesis of the cosmos to modern day.
Film fans will recognize 2001, Quest For Fire, Apocalypto, The Mission, etc …
It does seem to settle in the New World, omitting whole continents.
Also, it is dated. Scenes from Koyaanisqatsi would have pointed where humanity is headed.
Along with the eternal, suicidal conflicts we engage in.

This is a DVD, with menu and trailer, few editors bother with those nowadays.
The audio is superior to the video, though I found the audio too loud most of the time, often overwhelming what sparse dialogue there is.
As far as music choices, for every good tune, there were three I rolled my eyes at. Tastes vary, so I just tried to ignore.
By the end, I found “the story of us” suffered from overreach. I still wonder if TMBTM was trying to replicate a huge screen IMAX event.
Where is this guy, anyway? Retired? Bummer, he remains a good editor.


Humans Are Limited (2001 short) - Adabisi

Low scores on IFDB, c’mon. I think people miss the point of this.
This is HAL 9000’s version.
The stressed out A I who more or less unravels before his passengers’ eyes.
While the humans take precautions when evaluating scenarios, they don’t factor in HAL’s almost omnipotent intelligence.
Whereas some disliked the rather open ended conclusion, I found it darkly comic. (SPOILER) Here, Dave is SOL.
Editing is solid, the plot is cohesive.
And – this short actually occurs in space, damnit!


The All-New Adventures Of Chastity Blade (2000) - Dr. Sapirstein

Filesize = 631 MB, Video = 1920 X 1080p AVC, Audio = 128 Opus, 2 Channel Stereo. Subs, yes. Hardsubbed in French.

Straight off, I find Lisa Wilcox easy on the eyes, which was one reason why I had this.
The short, a “comedy”, is dumb. Not witty, not slapstick, simply empty, flat humor.
As always with Sapirstein, the video work is first rate.
The audio – Opus – would not play on my units so I converted to AC3.
Subs, while in French, were useful as most of the males were poorly miked. If you understand a bit of French they will assist.
Not that it matters, the source is a puerile attempt, at what? A busted pilot to spoof Irma Vep.
Aspiring faneditors, study the video upgrade, tune out the rest.


Frozen Death (Cold Prey 1 - 2 ) - Mikedrew87

Norwegian slasher thrillers, joined together nicely. The first installment boasts the original concept but is marred by too many lulls. The sequel suffers a sense of repetition, yet the pace drove quicker. Even better, higher body count, and not just civilians, but cops. Professionals. MikeDrew chops 70 minutes in his edit, with little sense of loss.

Video - Great look throughout. Both films were always of halves - the blinding outdoor world, and dark, claustrophobic interiors. Edits are smooth and the transition between Part 01 and Part 02 graceful.

Audio - Solid 2 channel stereo. No difficulty hearing anything. Excellent subtitles. For those who don’t like to read movie subs, there was no dub track here. Get over it.

Narrative - The edit was heavy on Part 01. Establishing and getting to know characters. Part 02 was the last third of the edit, and the pace was hammer down. Scant character development, however. The cops’ scenes inside the hospital were heavily truncated. An error perhaps. As with most slasher fests, the more raw meat, the better. The narrative as a whole holds together, though gears seem to downshift a little between films. One logical issue never addressed (certainly not in either original) was how Jannicke manages to endure outdoor conditions without thermal gear.

Enjoyment - Difficult to say. More gratifying than the first film, and I truly appreciate the fact that MikeDrew rendered his edit to under two hours. Police sequences at the hospital would have enhanced the gore … yet … and this is a concession … I understand how that reinforces a major criticism of the sequel, the seeming invincibility of Mr Snowman. After considering, yes, MikeDrew made the correct editing decision.

Very satisfying slasher film. Especially welcome during cold months. Or summer, when your AC cannot keep up.


Halloween: The Doctor’s Cut a fanedit by JNisch

Halloween has always held a special place in my movie lover’s heart. It was the first movie that really scared me. I saw others later that did, as well, like Alien and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original).

I never really got into the Friday The 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street movies (sorry ray). I was unable to suspend logical disbelief long enough to enjoy them.

There is something special about the idea that Michael could be superhuman just by the power of his own will. Several effervescent self help gurus have proclaimed that you can do almost anything if you put your mind to it. This very ideology puts Michael on a different level.

We get to see Michael’s madness intimately and it looks a little different than a mindless serial slasher like Jason or Freddy. Michael seems to be called by a power greater than himself. That’s extremely chilling.

JNisch travels a much different path than the editors before him with this edit. The idea of focusing on the dichotomy of Michael and his relationship with Dr. Loomis instead of Michael slash, slash, slashing his way to Laurie Strode is genius. There is a tumultuous relationship there. You can’t help but think that Dr. Loomis almost admires the purity of Michael’s single-minded murderous rampage. That is brought out magnificently by JNisch in this edit.

JNisch only excised what was necessary to drive his intended narrative. The segue from the first movie to the second was so well disguised that we had to watch it several times to determine where it was. And it works perfectly.

Using Don’t Fear The Reaper in the beginning segment which is a black & white memory of Michael’s first kill was downright unnerving. I kept restarting it so that we could feel the chill run up our backs and watch the hair on our arms stand up. It sets the perfect tone for what’s to come. Right out the gate we experienced how intensely Dr. Loomis recognizes the evil that is Michael Myers.

The edit fired on all cylinders from that moment on literally leaving us breathless. By the time we got to the end and that very haunting cover of Don’t Fear The Reaper by Keep Shelly in Athens, we felt like some sort of transcendent moment took place. And we were sober. This is our definitive replacement for the first two Halloween movies.

I’ve seen so many edits of the many iterations of Halloween. Some were very well done. One was absolutely chilling. None were quite like this one. I have watched it over and over again trying to figure out why this one had such an effect on me. I may never know. I do know that this feeling is the very reason that I love fanedits and put so much time into helping faneditors.

It’s not a perfect edit and it won’t be for everyone. Those of you who are like us are in for a rare treat.

I will let others pick it apart technically. I loved it too much to even consider doing it myself. I gave it an arbitrary 9 in both categories for that reason.

Two very very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Forever in search of that one movie experience…


Jigsaw II: Endgame (Saw(s)) - Maniac / Zagadka

Filesize = 10 GB, Video = 1920 X 1080p AVC, Audio = 1536 kbps 5.1 DTS. Subs yes!

A better finale than the series itself offered. Also, a more thoughtful conclusion, more world weary.
The editing in this is fluid and creative, weaving Saw 3 - 4, along with earlier moments as flashbacks.
What is even better, is the audio mix. The DTS is a beast, music throbbing like a maddened tiger throughout. And yet, the dialogue remains clear. Major studios screw this up constantly. So delighted with surround effects and dynamic score, they suppress character conversations, leaving audiences asking, “What’d they say? Say what, huh?”
In keeping with the series, John Kramer, on his deathbed, is still “teaching”.
This edit, whether it means to or not, shows the sheer folly of his lessons.
People seldom learn, even apt pupils.
More than anything, this finale indicates the pointlessness of trying, perhaps even the futility of existence.


SCUM (May and American Psycho 2) - BlueYoda

Two lesser known exploitation flicks, merged into an entertaining drive-in twofer. May was more acclaimed - possibly - but Rachel (American 2) is equally memorable. Two polar opposites, yet extremely driven females pursue obsessions. Get out the popcorn with red karo syrup.

Video - Rachel bears heavier cutting, and is stronger for it. No annoying subplots, no Shatner buffoonery.
Kunis was terrible to begin with. If anything, BlueYoda’s editing made her more wooden.
May is an odder, more creative attempt, though again all secondary characters were lessened for the better.
With so much mass cutting, the editing is excellent. Not that you’ll notice, not that you’ll care.

Audio - Solid, nothing untoward here. Reading Neglify’s review, I half hoped for an inspired audio commentary.
I suspect that was a trick to lure the unwary into the menacing Chat Room. No subs.

Narrative - Both are fine, surprisingly cohesive. May was the superior film, with better actors and the dark vibe of “the other.”
May, I had confused with Kissed (another twisted female film), and I was momentary lost when it started.
Rachel, as edited, is breathless. Like hurtling downhill on a runaway roller coaster. Cheap roller coaster.

Enjoyment - Big yes for me! I must confess I preferred the first film, perhaps because it was so gleefully awful and it had more sheer energy. May doubtless has more fans who will nitpick this edit, but Rachel (who is really Rachael!) is an improvement over the original dreck. Still bad, but fun bad.


Memento: Parallel Cut - INH5

Filesize = 4 GB, Video = 720 X 480p mpgv, Audio = 448 kbps 5.1 AC3, No subs.

Very interesting cut of a film I struggled with for a few viewings, before deciding it had no story.
I appreciate how the color follow chronologically, while black and white fill in backstory.
The film flirts with Noir, but never commits.
Hate to say it, I was just as frustrated with this edit as I am with the DVD.
Speaking of DVD, the filesize of this strikes me as largish for 480p.
Oh, the rendering is terrific, sharp in all details.
Nonetheless, this is fit on a standard DVD-R blank, for those who still burn.
Dialogue is often murky, especially in B/W scenes, and I wonder if Nolan did that deliberately.
Subs would have helped. Funny thing is, codecs indicate spu subtitles, two tracks. Could not work them on computer or BluRay.
The editing is superb, audio especially.
Truth to tell, I’m not a Nolan diehard. His films are generally overlong, and often empty of substance. I only like three films that came out right in a row.
Nolan fans (that’s you) pick this up, you should really enjoy.


Wild About Harry (Ipcress File, Funeral Berlin, Billion Dollar Brain) - Steven Soderbergh

Effort from “then-retired” Hollywood director reveals his usual hobbyist limitations.
This time, he “combines” the three Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) movies into one viewing “experience.”
The results remind one of Orson Welles’ comments: “Don’t let Ted Turner deface my movie with his crayons.”

Video - MPEG 4, 1280 X 720p. Split screens are a constant, sometimes horizontally, others vertically. There is no invention with them, however. Apparently Mr. Soderbergh has missed out on Tarentino. Perhaps he has not viewed “Pulp Empire” by njvc. Blacks are not as solid as they should be, the overall image is soft.

Audio - 2 Channel AAC, 256 kbps. Original audio (dialogue and music) replaced with Muzak by Flying Lotus. The music rarely syncs with onscreen action (I suppose the editor feels this music is cool). If you don’t agree, then he feels sorry for you. The music, if this edit is screened at a museum gala or cocktail party, is adequate. Home viewers might turn it off altogether with no loss.

Narrative - There is no narrative. This is an art installation, using someone else’s art. The faneditor chose not to use his own films. Curious. Anyway, art installations don’t have to be logical, or show narratives, or even make sense. They are ART.

Enjoyment - Mixed bag for me. Interesting to watch a once-talented director muck around in the fanedit sub-culture. At this point, Soderbergh had not advanced very far in skill or technique. Indeed, this reviewer nursed the suspicion he was getting a free pass because of his name. Had this been submitted by an unknown novice, I imagine it would still be pending approval.

Worth the casual viewer’s time? Definitely not. How about fans of the original Harry Palmer movies? I dunno, how about mashing a trio of 007 films with nonstop Country & Western music? Wait a sec! Maybe fans of faneditor Steven Soderbergh will appreciate this. Course, these are not really his films, are they?


Godfather II Extended Edition, The - hal_over_9000

Filesize = 10 GB, Video = 1920 X 1080p AVC, Audio = 157 kbps 2-Channel Stereo, AAC. No subs (other than hardsubs when Sicilian is spoken),

For me, the sequel surpassed the original in breadth, as well as depth.
From the Black Hand enforced Sicily of 1901, to Stateside at the edge of the 1960’s.
The missing scenes have been restored and reinserted flawlessly.
I was not avidly “looking” for problems, and I never caught things.
To be honest, I assumed extensions included the Tahoe party and Cuba, but no, those were Coppola’s excesses to the extreme.
Scenes back in were “this n that.” They did not add much to the story, nor did they slow the pace.
As before, many of the conversations are soft or mumbled. Subs.
Running close to four hours, I watched over two nights.
A Godfather fanatic or enforcer will appreciate and enjoy this more than the casual viewer.


Who Am I? - StuntGuy

Filesize = 8.1 GB, Video = 1920 X 820p AVC, Audio = 193 kbps AAC, 2-Channel Stereo. Limited Subs.

This is closer to a restoration, and the editor might want to load at FanRes.
Jackie, part of an elite commando unit, loses his memory as the mission takes a nosedive.
He is befriended by an African tribe who restore him physically and spiritually.
That element is important, as it indicates how Jackie was reaching out to a global audience, though the US version minimized that angle.
What follows are chase sequences, brilliant car work and cat n mouse hunts.
At the end, however, Chan delivers the stunts, and they are shattering.

StuntGuy’s edit breathes more than the US version, as such permits more character development.
The editing is terrific. The manner in which he layers in bits of memory resurfacing is well done.
I did not pull a side by side to check color modification, but everything is crisp and properly colored.
For Jackie Chan fans, this is an improvement over what’s out there.
Also very child friendly if you want to watch on family night (lots of fights, chases, no death or blood).


Getaway (Drive) - thecuddlyninja

Not sure what cuddly was aiming for with this short of “Drive.”
This version is certainly not a love story. More like a tone poem or mood piece.
Some of the transition edits are first rate, meaning inspired.
All editing is solid, save for the closing credits which end with a thunk.
A couple seconds would have helped.
The narrative follows Gosling’s character as he befriends folks.
Scene to scene, fairly cohesive though it does not fit into this Consecution.
Don’t misunderstand, I enjoyed this, but cuddly has done better work.


The Hidden B+ - The Scribbling Man

Filesize = 1.7 GB, Video = 710 X 386p AVC (m4v), Audio = 290 kbps AAC, 2-Channel stereo. No subs.

Man, for a “lite” trim, a lot of work has been put into this and it shows!
It’s not so much what is cut, and the cuts are minimal, but the sly rearrangement aid coherence and push the tempo.
Hidden was always an enjoyable thrill ride, part spree killer, part something unexplained.
(MacLachlan was either shrewd casting, or he really keyed into his aloof, removed character.)
There are numerous audio edits, as well, mostly for the better.
A little synth goes a long way. Excising or lowering audio on yesterday’s minor hits is pulled off well.
Me? I woulda kept the wheelchair, more strip club, more sex, but that may be Mötley Crüe DNA.
I often bitch about dialogue, but not here. My version did not have subtitles, nor did it need.
Bottom line, this edit improves on the original release.


Future Perfect (Hitchhikers Guide)- Adabisi

Ah, a Radio 4 adaptation!
Of the Hitchhiker’s Guide, this might serve as a warning against the perils of alcohol.
Ford and Arthur blather away, attempting to decipher their latest predicament.
Arthur and Ford remain annoying twits, and Zaphod I would have spaced after ten minutes. Fortunately for him, and other listeners as disposed as I, he’s only on for four or five minutes in this short.
No video (I simply scored a 10). Audio is mostly discernable, though a few murmuring passages can be challenging.
I listened cold, then later read Adabisi weaved numerous sections into one mind and time boggling stroll.
Mind you, I appreciated more than I enjoyed. More clever than funny.


Ladyhawke Rescored – MusicEd921

Filesize = 11.3 GB, Video = 1920 X 1090p AVC, Audio = 221 kbps 2-Channel Stereo AAC, No subs.

A substantial edit, removing the 80’s soundtrack, replacing it with Jerry Goldsmith’s score for “Lionheart.”
Do not let the audio specs fool you. The music is robust and dynamic throughout, often swelling dramatically.
The audio editing is fabulous. Small scene removals, I never noticed.
This improves this film quite a bit, though I have always had reservations about it.
For one thing, the film still looks cheap to me. There are simply not enough extras. From pursuing soldiers to castle inhabitants, where is everyone?
Also, it is way too clean. Costumes always appear straight from EZ Sudz Washland.
For Rurgar Hauer fans, he is top flight in this! Glorious.
Aside from Michelle Pfieffer, every other actor borders on ham.
Mouse (and Mathew Broderick himself) remains excruciatingly annoying.


Halloween: The Doctor’s Cut (Halloween I and II) - JNisch

Filesize = 5 GB, Video = 1920 X 1080p AVC, Audio = 164 kbps 2-Channel Stereo, AAC. No subs.

Very good edit, especially for a first edit. A few too many fade to blacks at the beginning, although the editor does not make that a habit.
The video editing is skillfully done, especially the transition from the first film to the second.
Overweighed with the first film, I probably would not have missed an additional 10 minutes cut.
Second film is noticeably darker, although that works to disguise Jamie Lee Curtis’s age. In neither does she resemble a high school student.
High praise to the editor doing such a fine job merging the two films.
The first film was fresher, though I’ve always found Carpenter an adequate director, at best. Too many long shots, poorly paced until the final third, too much time where little happens. The second film was better directed, with nail biting tension from beginning to end, and the deaths were better shot.
For many (including me) this will be all the “Halloween” you need.


Halloween: Shape Reborn (the 2007 Rob Zombie one) - Aztek463

Rob Zombie’s reboot of the Halloween franchise was dull, overstuffed, and unnecessary. I have a relative who believes this director is a true artiste, and he keeps sending me DVDs as holiday gifts, thinking I will “see the light.”
Aztek, who did fine work combining 300, chopped a quarter of the film in trying to fashion a rougher, no nonsense experience.
The result is a lean narrative with a hammer down pace.

Video - 1280 X 720p MPEG4. Editing slick throughout. Despite the high resolution - better than this film deserves - the look is still grainy. To be expected in the night sequences, but interiors seemed gauzy. Not Aztek’s fault, most of Zombie’s films look this way. Blacks solid.

Audio - 6 Channel AC3, 448 kbps. No Subs. Again, high end sonically - better than this film deserves - and the sound design very clear. From whispers to howling, a lot of howling (more later). Aztek’s cuts and trims are well thought out, efficient, and professional. Range is not too dynamic, so you can likely play this in another room over your speakers without irritating others.

Narrative - One might think the story would be savaged with so much purged. Not so. This edit really holds together, though it does get wearying after an hour. The tale is itself essentially a padded one, what with a backstory featuring way too much gabbing, then a seemingly endless dark chase finale.

I wanted to enjoy this, but couldn’t. Young Michael, well cast, is truly repellent. His mom (Zombie’s sorry muse, Moon), is witless. Where in that mental institute is that kid getting materials to make masks? Who keeps allowing him to weak them?
The young actor, to be fair, is damn creepy. The chase finale went on and on and on and on, however. All the screaming, screeching, whimpering sounded like someone kicking a bag of cats.

Possibly worth a look for the curious, especially fans of RZ. For the uninitiated, caveat emptor.


Dick Tracy: The Noir Edit - Wakeupkeo

Filesize = 8 GB, Video = 1920 X 1040p AVC, Audio = 637 kbps, 5.1 AAC. Subs yes!

The 1990 film remains a powerful example of style over substance.
The set design, primary color scheme, makeup, songs, all top flight.
Story though? Originally meant for Disney, shifted to Touchstone as it was deemed too adult.
Nevertheless, this is still a cartoon.
Wakeupkeo’s intent to transform this into a Noir is intriguing, though I suspect Tracy harks back to gangster films of the 1930’s rather than post WWII Film Noir.
Straight off, the “look” of high contrast black and white is outstanding.

Using Miles Davis themes from “Elevator To The Gallows” darkens the mood immediately.
More would have been better, though I grasp dialogue interference.
The sound is a swaggering 5.1. Crank those bullet scenes, boys.
For all the trims and cuts, the narrative remains a problem.
This is a kiddee film. Violent, but aimed at juveniles.
Noir was always aimed at adults, with hard boiled themes.

The Kid is insufferable. Al Pacino’s Big Boy is a ranting buffoon.
Blame the source, not the faneditor.
This is a good, alternative view, of a disappointing movie.

Afterthought. There is an actual Noir story buried in Dick Tracy, although one would have to subvert the original pitch.
This would run about an hour, jettison the Kid, many of the goons, Tracy’s cops.
Typical of Noir, there is a femme fatale, smart plan, overreach, rotten end.
The stripped down story? That of Breathless.


Payback: Hybrid Cut - Neglify

Cracking good edit, turning Payback into gritty Noir from the 40’s.
Audio work, great. Nothing sounded out of place or jumps around with gain issues.
Video work, also solid. Lot of transitions in Black n White edits end up losing sharpness, or the blacks pixilate. Not here. Black n White is a pain in the ass to replicate, but Neglify scores big here.
This edit utilizes material from the original Payback, as well as the Straight Up cut.
The ending hews toward Straight Up - which I really do not like.
Writer / director Helgeland seems to have his own conception of Parker, excuse me, Porter, and he knows jackshit about Don Westlake’s actual creation.
Anyway, the ending pissed me off, mostly at Helgeland.
As an overall work, though, this edit was terrific and warmly applauded.


Shattered Island (Shutter Island) - Heavysyde

Filesize = 13.5 GB, Video = 1920 X 1080p AVC, Audio = 509 kbps AAC, 2-Channel stereo. No subs.

I hadn’t liked what Scorsese had been directing for awhile, but friends assured me Shutter Island was a return to form. A throwback to Cape Fear. Well, like the man says, there’s another sucker born every minute.
I didn’t like it. The film was overlong, bloated, with a “good enough” conclusion.
I think of doddering codgers droning on and on, instead of telling a concise story.
Heavysyde’s edit removes the flatulence.
More than that, he had rearranged the narrative by cross-cutting the final act, heightening the suspense, ensuring viewers stay alert and start guessing.
His new ending works better, as well, delivering a wicked stitching up of loose threads.
Visuals are first rate. The audio is strong, although dialogue is overwhelmed by music and ambiance at times. Such is in the original, as well. Audio engineers ought to know dialogue overrules crickets.
While I like the edit, all the cutting, the transitions are another matter. Too many fade to blacks, those blacks are too long. I think the edit would have been better served with a few wipes, and maybe lap dissolves.
This is a quibble, however, and if curious you should check this one out.