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Evil Dead II (Sam Raimi, 1987) - 35mm Scan opportunity!


I know this is a pretty popular title, so hope there are some Deadites around these parts! 😃

I have a source that would let us rent and scan a 35mm German print for only $450! The scan would be open matte (though a proper 1.85 video file could be made later), and the print is confirmed to have good color.

My source has preserved other films before, from Disney titles to Hitchcock movies in great quality.

Just to be transparent about how funds will be used:

$200 - Print Rental
$250 - Scanning and Shipping

If you want to get a feel of how Evil Dead 2 looks in 35mm, check out the trailer here:

The specific print we are using is in German but there are no subtitles. Unfortunate news is that it would be slightly censored. You can look up details here.

I’ve contacted a few people here by PM, and we’ve already got some pledges (including my own).

PLEDGES ($320/$450 - 71% FUNDED!)

The Aluminum Falcon - $50
Dek Rollins - $20
FunkySi - $20
SpookyDollhouse - $20
3Maters - $15
FilmD00d - $10
GryFun - $20
Lil Brutto - $25
NeonBible - $20
dvdmike - $20
bronan - $20
EPho3nix - $50
KillThad - $20
Venny - $10

Seeing as how the print is censored, if anyone wants to adjust their pledge, please just let me know by PM and I’ll adjust accordingly (no hard feelings).

PS. I understand there’s another initiative for Evil Dead II on This is a separate project. Funds for this project will be used exclusively for rental and scanning, so we don’t need to buy a print if we go for this option.


We’re over 50% towards our goal. Hopefully, we can get a grindhouse release in time for this year’s Halloween. 😃


I’ll be interested in pledging sometime next week!


Great! Feel free to PM me or post in the thread about how much you’re pledging. Donations aren’t collected until the scan is fully funded.