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Empire Strikes Back: GOUT-sync of the Grindhouse transfer v1 + Despecialized Edition's audio tracks


Small project of mine.

I realize the Dreamastered version is already GOUT-synced, but I’m a fan of the untouched colors.

Naturally, syncing the already encoded video to the GOUT and reencoding it would degrade the quality unnecessarily, so I used this project as my first “proof of concept” for syncing it almost losslessly using TMPGEnc Smart Renderer 5. With the help of this tool, I was able to reencode the video only at the split points/cuts (around 20 across the movie), and end up with a resulting video stream that is virtually identical to the original release.

For syncing I used Chewtobacca’s script from the GOUT-sync thread and “adapted” it to the interface of TMPGEnc Smart Renderer 5.

Final video is 100% in sync with the Despecialized Edition, so I was able to mux in all the audio tracks from there into this. DTS-HD MA tracks were losslessly transcoded to FLAC, to reduce bloat.

The original optical 35mm PCM track from the scan was automatically synced as well with missing frames filled with silence. Was also included as FLAC.

As a little gimmick, I included a Dolby Headphone track of the 5.1 mix by Hairy_Hen.

All credit goes to the people who have created the content originally. Thank you, guys!

This little project and the full description is available at Blutopia.