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E.T. sound alternate sound mix


After various comments I’ve cone across about E.T. on other forums I’ve been extremely interested in finding out whether or not it’s possible that E.T. had 2 different theatrical sound mixes during its theatrical run.

Is it possible that the 70mm 6 track had differences from Dolby stereo? I’ve always known the VHS (and probably laserdisc, I’ve never seen it) has an alternate line in place of the terrorist line which was re ADR’ed altogether for the 2002 cut, but I never thought much of it until someone on said they saw a 70mm print from 1982 recently screened at the American Cinematheque which did not contain the terrorist line. I also seem to recall the VHS had a couple of minor sound differences to theatrical sound mix on the Blu-Ray as well as the 2002 DVD of the 82 cut.

I also found a quote from Kathleen Kennedy in 2001 around the time the 20th Anniversary Cut was being put together where she states that she and Spielberg didn’t even remember the terrorist line until the were going over the film and decided in light of then recent events to have new ADR done which was the Hippie line. Is it possible that the reason they forgot about the Terrorist line was because there were 2 different mixes and most people over the past 20 years had been hearing the other one?


Quite possible. I know the 5.1 mix of Krull has an extra line of dialog by Liam Nesson’s character thst’s not in the 2.0 mix. (IIRC, spoken with his back to the camera, so an easy addition.) It surprised me the first time I heard it on DVD. I presume that came from a 70mm mix. Moderator

Where were you in '77?


The two VHS copies of the theatrical cut I had didn’t include the terrorist line. So basically it was along the lines of.

Mary: You won’t get four blocks in this neighborhood dressed like that.

Michael: Please?

Mary: No and that is final.

Michael: All the guys are!

In fact I’m not sure I was even aware of the terrorist line until the 2002 DVD. As far as other differences there might be I can’t really comment because I don’t have the BD release and thus not sure what the theatrical mix on that release sounds like at least compared to my VHS and DVD releases which I do know have additional audio changes outside of the terrorist line or lack there of.