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Dungeons and Dragons original Season 2 opening - on youtube


Hi everyone
I recently stumbled across this forum whilst searching for some information on the 80s series Star Wars Droids.
I thought some members may be interested in something I created recently, linked below. I had a VHS recording of the original season 2 opening for Dungeons and Dragons from UK TV in 1991.
It starts slightly earlier than the version in the extras on the UK DVD release and doesn’t have any picture interference. The downside is that the sound is very poor.
As part of my restoration I have married my VHS up with the audio from the DVD extra (kicks in after about 10 seconds) and also slowed it down to the correct original speed. Interestingly the VHS featured no interlacing artifacts whatsoever - very unusual for a US animated series in PAL. I’m assuming it was converted from the original film stock and not the NTSC master.
I hope you enjoy it, and if anyone knows of a better quality copy (even if it’s just the audio) please let me know!


Youtube link


^ Looks pretty good. Thanks for posting it.