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Dune - radical fan edit ideas — Page 5


ChernobylLiquidator86 said:

Wonder if this still under work, these are incredible ideas!

I have not done anything on it particularly but I had a flick through the extended TV version the other day and I tried to make sense of some unused music.

For the Shadout mapes scene with Lady Jessica I think the music for this scene is “The secrets of the fremen” This was meant to end with a vision of Paul being Dead. It’s definitely not for the propecy scene with fremen reverand mother as the Spicediver cut assumes.

The Jamis funeral music score I think is the Track “The Fremen” which spills over into the water cache scene but I don’t think it works with that scene tagged on musically so perhaps and I am taking a guess that the Reverand mother “Prophecy scene” may appear here between the funeral and water cache scene and then for the water cache scene to follow. Or Alternatively It’s Keynes Suit being ripped open and “Take him to his desert to die” sandwhiched between Funeral and water Cache.

The Shot of the fremen outside the palace from the costume documentary should be accompanied by chants of “Mahdi” this would come prior to thuffer Huwats explaination of the prophecy to Leto. Previoously I thoiught it was to do with the water sellers but that seems incorrect now.