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"Duel of the Fates"- The Prequel Trilogy Recut into a single 2h33m film


Duel of the Fates: The Star Wars Prequel
password: hellofrog

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (not including end credits)
Theatrical- 6h38m
Skuta Cut- 2h33m
(38% of the original runtime/4h5m shorter)

Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace (Bluray)
Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones (Bluray)
Star Wars: Episode II: Revenge of the Sith (Bluray)
Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace Deleted Scenes (DVD Bonus Disk)
Rouge One: A Star Wars Story (Original Soundtrack)
Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope (Original Soundtrack)
Star Wars: Episode V: Empires Strikes Back (Original Soundtrack)

Intention: To streamline the Prequel Trilogy down to a story that follows Anakin Skywalker’s trajectory from a child slave to a young Jedi and his relationship with Obi Wan Kenobi, Padmé Amidala, the Force, and the Jedi Council.

Major Cuts and Adjustments

The Phantom Menace:
-CUT: opening crawl
-CUT: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn negotiation/ambush/stowing away
-SHORTENED: Droid Ships landing on Naboo
-SHORTENED: Jinn running from Droid transport/saving Jar Jar/Obi-Wan fleeing STAP
-CUT: Traveling to Gungan City/Gungan City/traveling to Theed
-SHORTENED/MUSIC CHANGE: Queen Amidala asked to sign treaty/led by droids to concentration camp/Jedi Rescue/Hanger sequence
-SHORTENED: Naboo Starship espace from Naboo through blockade/landing on Tatooine
-SHORTENED: Qui-Gon/Padme/R2/Jar Jar walk to Mos Espa
-SHORTENED: Watto’s shop
-SHORTENED: Jar Jar & Sabulba Hijinks/Anakin saves the day
-CUT: Obi Wan discusses coming sand storm with Panaka
-SHORTENED: Anakin brings Qui-Gon, Jar Jar, Padme, and R2 to his home
-SHORTENED: Anakin introduces hero party to his mother
-CUT: C3PO scene
-CUT: Sio Bibble calls the “Queen” on Tatooine
-CUT: Qui-Gon calls Obi Wan on the ship
-REPOSITIONED: Sidious and Maul chat about the Naboo ship being tracked to Tatooine
-SHORTENED: Skywalker and Hero Party dinner scene
-SHORTENED: Qui-Gon negotiates podracing terms with Watto
-CUT: Qui-Gon calls Obi-Wan again/Qui-Gon taks with Shmi
-CUT: Anakin talks with friends/tests pod
-CUT: Bloodtest/Obi Wan call
-CUT: Maul lands on Tatooine
-CUT: Pre-podrace hanger scenes
-CUT: Probe Droid searching the streets
-CUT: Podracer introductions
-CUT: Qui-Gon delivers parts to Obi Wan
-SHORTENED: Qui Gon tells Anakin he’s been freed
-CUT: Anakin’s goodbye to C3P0
-CUT: Probe droid reports back to Maul
-ADDED: Qui Gon strikes down probe droid and runs with Anakin
-CUT: Sio Bibble on Naboo
-CUT: Padmè and Anakin on ship
-CUT: All Coruscant scenes
-CUT: Federation leaders talk to Sidious
-SHORTENED: Queen asks Jar Jar for help
-CUT: Landing on Naboo
-CUT: Jar Jar Returns from abandoned Gungan City
-SHORTENED: Secret Gungan site/Queen asks for help/Queen reveal
-CUT: Sidious talks with Maul and Federation leaders
-CUT: Hero team pre battle planning
-CUT: Sidious talks with Federation leaders
-SHORTENED: Gungans march to battle/set up shields/ droids arrive
-SHORTENED: Hero team starts shooting up droids on the street and enters hanger
-CUT: Federation leaders watch last line
-SHORTENED: Pilots go to their ships/Anakin climbs into cockpit
-SHORTENED/REPOSITIONED: Padme and team’s siege/capture/more sieging
-SHORTENED/REPOSITIONED: Qui-Gon and Obi Wan vs. Maul
-SHORTENED/REPOSITIONED: Anakin and Naboo Figters vs. Federation Base
-CUT: Palpatine’s ship lands/Federation leaders led away
-CUT: Yoda grants Obi Wan permission to train Anakin
-CUT: Celebration end scene

Attack of the Clones:
-CUT: Opening crawl
-SHORTENED: Naboo starship landing on Coruscant/Explosion
-CUT: Palpatine talks with Jedi’s and Padme in his office
-SHORTENED: Obi Wan and Anakin talk in elevator
-SHORTENED: Obi Wan and Anakin greet and speak with Padme about her protection
-SHORTENED: Anakin and Obi Wan discuss security and Padme turning off cameras
-CUT: Zam sends flying droid with worms away
-SHORTENED: R2 watches Padme/worm attack/Obi Jumps out window
-SHORTENED: Speeder chase
-SHORTENED: Bar sequence/Zam Capture/Zam death
-SHORTENED: Jedi council assigns Obi Wan and Anakin to tasks
-CUT: Palpatine talks with Anakin
-CUT: Obi Wan talks with Yoda and Mace Windu
-CUT: Padme packs/Anakin complains
-SHORTENED: Space port sequence
-SHORTENED: Obi Wan library scene
-CUT: Padme, Anakin, and R2 on the refugee ship
-SHORTENED: Obi visits Yoda and younglings
-CUT: Anakin, Padme, R2 arrive on Naboo/Padme meets with Queen
-SHORTENED: Obi Wan arrives on Kamino
-SHORTENED/REPOSITIONED to LATER: Anakin and Pedme talk about sand/kiss (kiss no longer halted)
-CUT: Anakin and Padme talk in room with fireplace
-CUT: Obi Wan calls Yoda and Mace Windu and tells them about the clones
-CUT: Anakin shown having nightmare
-SHORTENED: Padme asks Anakin about his nightmare and agrees to go with to save his mom
-SHORTENED: Obi Wan and Jango fight
-SHORTENED: Padme and Anakin arrive on Tatooine/talk to Watto
-SHORTENED: Obi Wan and Jango dogfight in Geonosis ring
-SHORTENED: Anakin and Padme arrive at the Lars Homestead/Cliegg explains what happened to Shmi
-CUT: Anakin tells Padme to stay while he goes to save his mother
-SHORTENED: Obi Wan looks around Geonosis/listens to Count Dooku
-SHORTENED: Anakin rides speeder to find sand people
-SHORTENED: Shmi untied/Shmi dies/Anakin attacks Sand People
-CUT: Yoda and Mace talk about power and Anakin’s pain
-SHORTENED: Obi sends message to Anakin to retransmit
-CUT: R2 receives Obi’s call
-CUT: Anakin and Padme in the garage
-SHORTENED: Shmi funeral/R2 wheels over
-SHORTENED: Anakin and Padme listen to Obi’s call/talk with Mace Windu
-CUT: Jedi’s and politicians talk about Obi’s news
-CUT: Dooku talks with the captured Obi Wan
-CUT: Palpatine addresses senate
-CUT: Padme and Anakin arrive on Geonosis/Droid factory/Captured by Jango
-CUT: Padme and Anakin talk before being brought out into Arena
-SHORTENED: Arena sequence
-SHORTENED: Clones vs. Droid battle/Pursuing Dooku/Padme arrives
-CUT: Yoda vs. Dooku
-SHORTENED: Dooku travels to Coruscant
-CUT: Obi talks with Yoda and Mace
-SHORTENED: Clones march in formation while politicians look on/Padme and Anakin marry

Revenge of the Sith:
-CUT: Opening crawl
-SHORTENED: Obi-Wan and Anakin fight their way to General Grievous’ ship
-SHORTENED: Obi-Wan and Anakin fight their way to to where Palpatine is being kept
-SHORTENED: Obi-Wan and Anakin fight Dooku/Anakin kills Dooku
-CUT: Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Palp try to escape ship/fight Griveous and other droids/land ship on Coruscant
-SHORTENED: Palp delivered to politicians/Obi and Anakin chat
-SHORTENED: Anakin talks with Padme
-CUT: All Grievous scenes
-CUT: Anakin watches Padme brush hair/talk about baby
-SHORTENED: post-nightmare conversation
-CUT: Anakin talks with Yoda
-SHORTENED: Obi Wan and Anakin talk after the briefing
-SHORTENED: Palp tells Anakin he’s going to be his representative on Jedi council
-SHORTENED: Jedi council reluctantly accepts Anakin on the council
-SHORTENED: Obi Wan tells Anakin he is to spy on Palp
-CUT: Obi Wan, Yoda, and Mace travel to port and talk
-CUT: Anakin and Padme talk about the war and democracy
-SHORTENED: Bubble opera scene
-CUT: All Yoda on Kashyyyk scenes (except order 66 montage)
-CUT: All Obi Wan on Utapau (except order 66 montage)
-SHORTENED: Anakin asks if Obi Wan was at Padme’s and that he feels lost/says he will save her
-CUT: Anakin and Mace Windo take reports from Jedi’s around the galaxy
-SHORTENED: Anakin and Palp talk/Palp says he knows the ways of the dark side
-SHORTENED: Anakin tells Made he thinks Palp is the Sith
-SHORTENED/REPOSITIONED: Anakin and Padme “look” at eachother across the city
-CUT: Anakin gets in ship to fly to Senate building
-SHORTENED- Mace confronts Palp and they fight
-CUT: Anakin arriving at Senate building
-SHORTENED: Mace gets upper hand on Palp/Anakin arrives and kills Mace/Palp names Anakin Vader and sends him to Jedi Temple to kill everyone
-CUT: shot of Yoda sensing this
-SHORTENED: Order 66
-CUT: C3P0 reassures Padme, she cries
-SHORTENED: Bail Organa turned away from Jedi Temple
-CUT: Organa’s ship leaves Coruscant
-SHORTENED: Obi Wan leaves Utapau/Bail Organa calls
-SHORTENED: Anakin tells Padme he is going to Mustafar to end the war on behalf of Palp
-SHORTENED: Obi Wan arrives at Organa’s ship/Obi, Yoda, and Organa discuss next move
-CUT: Palp addresses Federation leaders via hologram
-CUT: Organa’s ship approaches and arrives at Coruscant
-SHORTENED: Anakin arrives on Mustafar
-SHORTENED: Yoda and Obi fight clones
-CUT: Disfigured Palp addresses Senate/Democracy dies
-CUT: Anakin slicing up Federation leaders
-SHORTENED: Obi and Yoda watch security hologram
-SHORTENED: Anakin broods on Mustafar
-CUT: Padme boards ship with C3PO/Obi Wan stows away
-SHORTENED: Anakin tells Palp that Federation leaders are dead
-SHORTENED: Padme arrives on Mustafar/talks with Anakin/Obi Wan reveals himself/choke/Obi and Anakin talk
-CUT: Palp addresses clones in Senete chamber
-SHORTENED: Yoda escapes with Bail Organa
-SHORTENED: Obi and Anakin final confrontation/Obi Wan leaves with Padme/Palp arrives to save Anakin
-SHORTENED: Obi Wan arrives on Polis Massa where Bail and Yoda are waiting
-SHORTENED: Palp returns to Coruscant with injured Anakin
-SHORTENED: Birth sequence
-SHORTENED: Darth Vader suited up sequencer
-SHORTENED: Vader asks Palp about Padme
-CUT: Yoda, Bail, and Obi Wan talk about what should be done with children/Bail gives away R2 and C3PO
-CUT: Vader on star destroyer bridge
-SHORTENED: Bail brings baby Leia to Alderaan and presents her to

Other Changes:
-Modified Lucasfilm Logo
-New Opening Title
-New End Title style/modified to reflect Recut


This edit use new lines or something like that? Or is it that it has been a long time since I watched The Phantom Menace? It sounds a little different to me, specially Shmi and QuiGon
Anyways, pretty cool edit, I liked it a lot, specially the ‘‘Chapters’’ idea (And the title card/end credits font too, where did that one came from?) 😃

I don’t really care if it’s in the shape of a movie, or a cartoon tv-series, or if it’s on videogames and books. Neither if it’s canon or legends; I love all my Star Wars (yes, even the prequels).

“Laugh it up, Fuzz ball.”

Oh wait, no, not all of it, don’t count the Holiday Special on it.


The only thing that was added from the deleted scenes in Chapter One was the bit where QuiGon sliced the probe droid in two. Everything else is from the blu-ray but quite a bit of the dialogue was re-edited and shortened.

Thanks, the chapter idea ended up being a pretty good solution for the time jumps.

I wanted to have the title card and chapter cards to resemble the text in Flash Gordon and found a font called “Splash Gordon.” Although I didn’t originally intend it I ended up using it for the end credits too for consistency.

There is one especially bad cut in the version you watched about two minutes in when it cuts from the street to the hanger. That has been fixed in the version I’m uploading now. Clip is here:


This looks really interesting, never liked the whole “3 in 1” edit idea, mainly because of The Clone Wars not having space in the whole experience; But I gotta say, this looks really interesting.

The chapter thing reminds me of when I thought if it would have worked better for the prequels to have been a TV series.