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Do you find it tough to write in the style and structure of Star Wars OT stories


I rewrote the PT as fan fiction making the changes I would have liked to seen you can check em out here:

Star Wars prequels rewritten treatment - The Phantom Menace -

Star Wars prequels rewritten treatment - Enter The Clones -

Star Wars prequels rewritten treatment - Rise Of The Dark Lord -

But I was having such difficulty in fitting everything into a trilogy that I had to add another story (Revenge of the Sith was going to be re-written but I got sidetracked and never got back to it). In trying to closely adhere to the original trilogy’s style and pacing, it became apparent that Lucas was using the old 1950’s matinee style of telling this story. Which consisted of a lot of “wipe” transitions and a story line that was continuously forward moving. There are no flashbacks, jump ahead, narration, exposition or any other devices normally used today to tell a story. The only thing close that could fill in details would be the opening crawl and once that’s over its off to the races. I found it a bit confining way to tell a story personally but that’s how the saga goes. IMO telling the story in a different way just isn’t “Star Wars”.

Have any of you guys had issues in trying to tell a Star Wars story while staying within the structure of how the OT stories were done??


Leia/Vader, Farmstead Meal, Luke/3PO/R2 in the garage and Imperial Conference were masterful at dropping little bits of expo that greatly enriched the tale. The action was brought to a screeching stop for Ben/Luke in the hut.

I’m sure it’s difficult, but a few seconds here and there can accomplish a great deal.