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Dead Presidents and Menace II Society


I have here two completed Bonus Discs of the films mentionend above. All material on the Criterion LDs have been transfered to DVD (including menus).

Since I cannot torrent these myself, I would like to ask someone here to do that.

PLUS: The two movies are currently being recaptured (including the audio commentaries) since there were some sound issues with the first attempt.

If anyone would be so kind to create covers the whole thing would be a great package for demonoid or myspleen!


I have artwork for dead presidents and can modify the information on the back if you can give me some idea of what's on your disc. I have the Menace II Society laserdiscs as well, so maybe I can cook some artwork up for that as well, but no promises!

Can you PM me your email address so I can send the file? (Your PM's are off, by the way)

Criterion Projects done: She's Gotta Have It, The Princess Bride, The Fisher King

In Progress Criterions: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (99% done), Taxi Driver (90% done), Citizen Kane (50% done), Othello (99.99% done)

Possibly coming next: Ghostbusters, The Magnificent Ambersons (the theatrical cut, a reconstruction according to Prof. Carringer's script analysis, and the colorized version)
I'm digging up another thread... But am wondering - is there a version of Menace II Society that's longer than the current DVD releases? I'm sure I heard there was a directors cut on Laserdisc, but can't find any info on this...