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Creed Duology Extended Editions (1080p) (Released)


I had found extended editions of these previously, I felt that they were underwhelming in many regards, so I made these. I’m just beginning at this, but feel that I improved upon the previous editions in many ways, including resolution and scene transition. Both are sourced from Blu Ray.

Creed: Feed the Need Edition

This is Creed 2015 with the deleted scenes put back into the film at 1080p (i.e. EXTENDED EDITION). One Note: one of the “deleted scenes” (When Adonis finds his first apartment in Philadelphia) is actually just a vastly expanded scene than what’s in the movie. However, in the movie, the shortened scene has a loud soundtrack on it. I didn’t have my hands on the complete soundtrack to possibly have it done properly, but I feel that within the restrictions of not having the OST, I made a rather decent smooth transition so as not to be all to jarring to the viewer. I’m not a professional, so if you view it, let me know what you think.

If you’ve seen the film already, then you know full well that the concept of FEED THE NEED is prevalent throughout the film on many levels for many things (the use of the name Creed vs Johnson, becoming a boxer, getting Rocky’s approval, falling in love, emotional support, etc…) , and with about 18 minutes of additional material, the play on words between the concepts of the film with those that want an extended edition would be a nice juxtaposition.


Theatrical Edition: 2:13:02
Feed the Need Edition: 2:31:08

Creed II: Punch in the Gut Edition

This is Creed II with the deleted scenes put back in. There is one minor transition that I want to be better, but I think there is a bug within Premiere. It is a little jarring when starting the scene where Rocky is doing exercises at the gym with kids. Even though I had correctly gotten two distinct video pieces that I wanted to transition, when I applied the effect I wanted to transition them with, Premiere inserted a few extra frames off both pieces of video that had previously been removed… for reason that I can’t understand. Because of this, I left the scenes in their natural state and it’s not as smooth transition as I would like. I don’t think my understanding of its use is incorrect as I actually watched HOW TO videos as well, and it all seemed to be as it should. At any rate, this was just a quick hack, but I think it’s a vast improvement over the original extended cut.

Theatrical: 2:09:57
Punch In The Gut Edition: 2:19:18

These are available if anyone wants them. Even though I am new to this, I do feel that I made huge improvements over the previously released editions. I would appreciate any feedback immensely.


Hi can I get a link to these please.


Hi can you share the links please 😃