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Conversion to and from HDR (tone mapping)


Please post guides for converting files to and from the HDR (High-dynamic-range) to previous standards, BR or DVD.

This will aid in the comparisons currently underway for the 2019 versions as people look to uncover changes.

Determine if all the films used the same methodology when converted; or if like color correction, certain films were approached one way while others differently (OT vs PT for example) or if a selective scene by scene approached was used by the current ownership of the SW properties.

Some examples from online:
Put HDR effect in your VIDEO | Using After effects | no plugin:
Fake HDR Video Tutorial:
Simulating an HDR Effect in Photoshop:

A general path to HDR:

  1. Duplicate image/video as new layer
  2. Apply Hue/Saturation - Increase Saturation 40% - 50%
  3. Apply Invert to same layer
  4. Apply Gaussian Blur to same layer - ?%
  5. Change this layer to an ‘Overlay’ blending method

Talk about other workflows with different applications/operating systems.