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Conclude the Original Trilogy differently


So you’ve been hired by George Lucas to close out the trilogy after the hit sequel The Empire Strikes Back. What’s the emperor like? What happens to Vader now that he’s Luke’s father? Do they rescue Han?

Try do like a DotF/TRoS deal where it’s a completely different story with different strengths and weaknesses. Don’t just rewrite the film we have.


I’ll play.

The first part I want to address are the characters (plot will be a later post). Everyone should have a strong concluding arc. Ideally, it will be something that was already begun in ANH and ESB, but worst-case scenario, we can just start something new.

The Luke in this draft will be much more conflicted than that of ROTJ, instead of suddenly losing any of the challenges from ESB. He leans towards the dark side, and his belief in his father is more desperate than sudden divine-like optimism. He also appears visibly distraught over his cyborg hand, to give ESB more weight. But his biggest change is seeing the Jedi and his father from an all-new perspective. It is less will Luke redeem Vader, and more will Luke stay a Jedi?

Leia needs to have a character arc beyond love in this story. Here most of her story is about filling in the footsteps of her father. We see many allies to the Rebellion are afraid of involvement, and it is up to Leia to convince them to fight not through war but diplomacy. Ironically it is very similar to Poe’s arcs in TROS, only it actually pulls through.

I would make Chewie the main third character for this movie: a far cry from his glorified extra status in the Sequels, but even in the OT he was very simple and now would be the time to give him depth. We’ll go to Kashyyk and find Chewie was isolated long ago for his “modern” ways of thinking (most Wookies are isolationist, and avoid blasters and the like). Chewie faces his deepest fears by confronting his past and teaching them to be accepting of differences by using his skills to save his tribe from the Empire.

Lando feels guilty for betraying Han, despite everyone forgiving him. He eventually gets a pep talk from Leia, but it is only when Han shows indifference for the betrayal and is more pleased he is now with the rebellion that Lando is able to move forward. With Han’s absence in the 1st and 2nd Acts, Lando fills his shoes as the cocky gunslinger.

Han will only appear towards the end of the movie. His absence is used to create a feeling of emptiness within the trio, and when he returns it will be a triumphant moment. As such he doesn’t have much an arc.

I want to show both his fall and rise in this film. I will do this with the help of a Jedi Holocron Luke acquires early into the first act, which whenever he looks into is strangely sent to view Anakin’s past (more or less the same as the PT). In truth, Palpatine nitpicked through key memories to give Luke a negative perception of the Jedi. Vader’s redemption doesn’t change much. To build tension, Vader appears unwaveringly loyal to the Emperor, and it is only at the last second that he snaps.

Recently promoted, Piett is now in command of the in-progress Death Stars. He’s different from ESB: he appears annoyed by the increasing loss of his men to Palpatine and Vader’s tantrums and is almost regretful of the present situation. The Sith even call him out on it: “I sense doubt in you, Piett”. When Leia arrives with a fleet of new recruits, Piett is inspired by their heroics and refuses the order to destroy Kashyyk - unfortunately, Palpatine’s Assassin Droids instantly execute him and his men, and go through with the plan.

Expect my plot post in a couple of days.

Maul- A Star Wars Story


It’s a really fun creative thought experiment. As far as not rewriting what we already have I still find myself arriving to the same place when it comes to a few details, though the events wouldn’t all unfold the same way. Jabba for example can’t just be namechecked for the first two movies and not make an appearance, we already know that’s where Han was taken and although that leaves who and what Jabba is up to interpretation we still know he is a crime lord, even from there the idea that Han in carbonite becomes a trophy is too perfect for any alternative I could come up with, the rescue is a different story.

The Emperor similarly I would still want to appear in person and show his stuff, Boba would likely have a bigger supporting role, same for Lando. Yoda wouldn’t die at least not so early or without another key assist. Leia would also have a larger key role in spiritually saving Luke, she would be revealed as pregnant within the movie. Luke himself would be more on his own again in a sort of monk like meditation/training state, he still needs a new lightsaber so where he went and what he was up to would be related to that as well for the first act. Ben’s ghost would call out to Leia and Vader not just Luke.

…uhh…I’m out for now. Anything else I can think of is pure spitballing…like…what if Han heard some information we missed during his torture in ESB that could be a strategic turning point in the plot by the time he’s rescued which would be a lot closer to the end of the second act?

“The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.” - DV


OutboundFlight said:

Expect my plot post in a couple of days.

Did not age well

The unfortunate reality of the Star Wars prequel and Disney trilogies is that they will always be around. Forever. They will never go away. It can never be undone.

I also prefer to be referred to as “TNT”, not “Freezing”.


Well that’s not exactly a big commitment, at the rate that’s progressing.


Opening crawl

For more than 20 years, the now-disbanded imperial senate’s greatest obstacle to restoring the republic’s democratic institutions was a golden age of economic growth which incentivized the people to overwhelmingly support emperor palpatine’s reign.
A popularity that vanished after the collapse of the imperial economy due to the immense construction costs and subsequent destruction of the death star along with its role in the destruction of alderaan, leading to the rebel alliance’s exponential growth. The emperor mysteriously shuts down all galactic communications as reports surfaced from the millions of the worlds from across the empire that their imperial black obelisks are glowing red.
Luke Skywalker and his allies are captured by jabba the hutt during their rescue of han solo, forcing them to launch a desperate plan to escape.

The basic plot

The movie begins with luke, han and leia vs jabba and his goons over the sarlac pitt…beginning the story in earnest.


Luke Skywalker discovers that for the past 20 years, emperor palpatine has been planning an alchemical ritual that will absorb all life in the galaxy in order for palpatine to become a living God. However, all communication between planets have been completely severed. Luke skywalker launches a daring plan to activate the force beacon under the jedi temple to send a message across the galaxy about palpatine’s true intentions…inciting the people to destroy the obelisks across the galaxy…made all the more scarier by vader’s own pursuit of his son.


Anakin Starkiller said:

I see you took cues from DotF.

Definitely the gist(battle of coruscant, force beacon, grassroots revolution)

But vader, palpatine and luke are actually involved and the alchemical ritual serves as a ticking clock…unlike in DOTF where whatever ben and rey are doing have absolutely nothing to do with the plot on coruscant as Jenny nicolson states in her review for duel of fates.

As for palpatine’s plan…he intends to provoke luke into killing his father so that the emperor can transfer his essence into luke after he blackened his soul just enough for possession, whose connection to the force along with palpatine’s knowledge of force draining will allow for palpatine to smoothly transition to godhood. It is revealed that palpatine is darth bane, who had been possessing the bodies of his apprentices for the past 1,000 years. He wanted to possess anakin before his body was ruined and now sets his sights on luke.

Basically a mixture between return of the jedi, TROS and duel of fates with a heavy dose of fullmetal alchemist.

The beacon sends a telepathic message to every living being in the galaxy, provoking revolutionary fever that will permanently reshape galactic politics as every planetary obelisk is destroyed by the people(not rebels, just normal people) bringing about an era of revolution against all forms of unjust hierarchies.



The Rebellion has been pushed to the brink of extinction. Though many support secretly support its cause, they are unwilling to put their lives on the line.
To facilitate his final victory, the heinous EMPEROR has begun construction of two additional DEATH STARS at an undisclosed location.
With time running short, the Last Jedi embarks on a daring mission to find the hidden shipyards…

Pan down to Had Abaddon, an urban hellscape. The Empire has put the city on lockdown.

A speeder flies overhead and two bounty hunters and an R2 unit climb out. They’re sneaking around a restricted area, masterfully taking out Stormtroopers without any notice. Having reached their destination, they cut a path through a ventilation shaft and head towards the center of the building.

Finally, they reach it: the Holocron Vault. This is the Old Jedi Temple. The two bounty hunters unveil their masks to reveal Luke and Leia.

Luke explains to Leia that the Emperor keeps his top intel here, rather than the Imperial Databanks, and are only accessible by someone in tune to the Force. Leia asks if they should take all of them, but after some moments of temptation, Luke refuses: most have been corrupted, and contain such ghastly details he would rather not know.

In classic adventure fashion, the plan goes awry. Right as they leave, the alarms siren on and the trio must blast their way out. Luke shows off his lightsaber. There is a tense point where it appears R2 can’t override the doors in time, but they eventually get to the docking platform. Luke leaves Leia and R2 to distract the Stormtroopers, much to Leia’s distraught.

The Falcon, piloted by Lando and Chewie, arrives just in time, picking up Leia and R2 before following after Luke, now engaged in a massive cinematic chase with the Security Forces.

Just when he’s surrounded, the Falcon arrives, and Luke gives a sarcastic wave before force jumping out.

Lando asks if they got it, and Luke confirms: with this Jedi Holocron, they will know the location of the hidden shipyards. Luke opens himself up to the force… and is suddenly thrown into a rendition of the past!

Luke is invisible, watching a scene of his father Anakin Skywalker loving who he can only assume to be his mother. She tells him she is pregnant, and he is at first overjoyed… before turning to concern over what the Jedi will say.

The entire scene distorts itself for a moment, and then Luke is watching the Jedi Council, Obi-Wan and Yoda included. They are debating over the next course of the ongoing “Clone Wars”. Anakin suggests perhaps now is the time for compromise – this fight is drawing on too long – but Yoda stubbornly refuses, citing the dark side is the quick and easy path, and they must root out all evil once and all. The conference ends, and Anakin meets directly with the two masters. Anakin roundabout asks what the council’s view on external relationships is… and both Obi-Wan and Yoda stubbornly argue any “selfless” relationship, period, leans towards the dark side.

Luke comes out with nothing, only a tired mind and a radically different perspective on what he thought of the Jedi. When Leia consoles him, Luke walks off.

At the Rebel Headquarters on Sullust, leadership is pleased by the Holocron, even if it couldn’t be opened yet. Leia speaks with Mon Mothma and Gial Ackbar, who need her help in the recruitment of more star systems. The death of Leia’s father Bail on Alderaan lost one of their best speakers – both Mothma and Ackbar have been disgraced and have little political ties, but almost everyone agree that Bail was unjustly killed and his daughter would likely hold significant weight. But Leia refuses, saying she’s not like her father and is much more a rebel than a politician.

Mothma inserts a disc into a nearby droid, which shows a hologram of Bail speaking directly to Leia, explaining they just acquired it a week ago. It shows Bail speaking directly to Leia, explaining that in the event this “Death Star” should ever fire on Alderaan, he wants her to know he is very proud of her, and that she has a great future ahead. Leia agrees to the mission: if they are going to attack these shipyards, they will need all the allies they can get.

Luke heads to a cave to meditate with the Holocron. Then Vader appears, startling Luke but then assuring he isn’t actually present, rather this is a Bond through the Force. Vader explains both he and his master are fellow aware of the stolen Holocron, and he has reached out to Luke to ask him what he saw. Vader explains the Holocron will force the opener to see through the past, in order to understand it, and he hopes now Luke understands why the Jedi is a failed religion. Luke admits the Jedi made one mistake, but that’s nothing compared to the horrors of the Empire. Vader tempts Luke to look into the Holocron again and then vanishes.

Luke looks. He finds a slightly older Anakin speaking with an old friendly man, Chancellor Palpatine. Palpatine explains that he is worried of the Jedi’s insistence on fighting the Droid Foundries in the name of the “Light Side” and “Dark Side” and only wants what is best for the Republic. Anakin tells the Chancellor he overheard Master Windu speaking with Yoda and Obi-Wan of possible plans to use overthrow him should he push forward with the vote for political compromise. Palpatine appears unmoved, stating he will not be bullied, and will only do what he feels is right.

The scene shifts. It is now night, and Anakin is with Luke’s mother. They are talking about “the baby” when Anakin explains he can’t handle this political and social mindgames they always play to hide from the Council. He decides he is going to walk out of the order.

The scene shifts again. Anakin is speaking to the Council. Mace Windu, one of the Jedi, seems very angered by Anakin’s betrayal and is happy to see him gone. Yoda looks concerned but stays quiet. Obi-Wan, though, pursues Anakin and tries to make him reverse his decision. Anakin refuses, goes on a mini-rant on all the things the Jedi have ruined, and how Palpatine seems to be the only real friend who cares about someone other than themself before leaving without saying goodbye.

The scene shifts a final time. Anakin and Luke’s mother are packing their bags to leave from Coruscant, with Padme visibly pregnant. Then, a great “boom” is heard from the Senate Building. Anakin sees Jedi ships arriving amidst laser fire, and runs off. He enters the Chancellor’s office just in time to see Mace Windu holding Palpatine at saber point… and stabs him in the heart, dead. Anakin screams and charges at Windu, who not expecting someone from his side is immediately killed. Anakin grabs the dying Chancellor, who tells him in his final moments that he was right, the Jedi refused to cooperate with the Sith, and calls on Anakin to avenge him.

Luke falls out of the force vision. The Holocron has been opened, but at what cost? Luke is now re-evaluating every decision that he has taken. Was the Empire right? Luke gives the Holocron to the alliance, which decodes the data as Kashyyk – where Chewebacca’s people are being used as slave labor to construct the two battlestations. Lando and Chewie rally for battle while Leia sets off on her own quest for much-needed reinforcements, but Luke doesn’t help either. Instead, he heads to Dagobah – for answers.

End of Act One.

Maul- A Star Wars Story