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Conan the Barbarian TV cut version (20 minutes shorter approx)


I recently came across a clip of Conan the Barbarian that was broadcast a long time a go on television networks that was heavily censored but which also contains some unique footage. Perhaps there might be much more unique differences also as I have only seen a small clip.

1st off I would like to know if this version is still broadcast?

2nd if so can someone do a capture of it? Or does anybody have this version at all?


Pretty sure AMC has run Conan recently. No idea what edited for tv version it was though. Moderator

Where were you in '77?


SilverWook said:

Pretty sure AMC has run Conan recently. No idea what edited for tv version it was though.

ok I think this is the NBC 1984 premiere version that is around 20 minutes shorter would that air on AMC?

if it aired at 6.30pm then it very well could have been the heavily censored version

It is not in that version sadly see below.

syfy channel version has the alternate TV cut footage.

There is a rumor about the original premiere / or another TV version contains shots of the grappling hook being thrown to climb the tower of Set and Lions in the gardens around the tower. This relates to Max Von Sydows line “The Lions ate him…” When they bring Subotai in to the kings chamber. Weather or not Sandal Bergman actually introduces herself as Valeria also in this part… This was apparently in the HBO TV version premiere?..


TheProwler1981 said:

Wow that is very interesting to see. I can recommend website called Conan completist for fans.It has the most detailed information with very rare photos of some scenes that didnt make it into final film.

That is where the info came from about the syfy tv version which seems to resemble the nbc premiere cut.


Holiday season nearly here…

Is this on over the Holidays?

If not does anyone have this version already?

Please let me know either of the above

Thanks and sorry for the bump


No sign of it on AMC, which is curious as they have been running other Arnie flicks recently.

You might get lucky next month, as Sci Fi tends to do a massive movie marathon around Christmas or New Years. Moderator

Where were you in '77?


That is what i am hoping for on Syfy.

Also they have an article about conan as a character being his 85th Birthday… Fingers ctossed it get’s scheduled. I will keep a look out for it, really hoping the syfy tv version airs again.


Maybe they’ll do a barbarian-a-thon? Half of it will be Scorpion King sequels though. 😉 Moderator

Where were you in '77?


Came across a few interesting Video Links Check these out well worth it!

Alternate VHS Trailer - Sound effects and music only

Conan The Barbarian - From the Vault rare original production documentary… This is particularly interesting because it contains a few music less scenes.

Well, this is enough to keep excitement up for the TV cut keep your eyes peeled folks…

Just to clarify the AMC version does not contain the alternate edits…


Airing on the Sci Fi Channel, (I refuse to call it Sy Fy) on January 7th and 8th. Fire up your video recording devices!

JEDIT:@#$! Never mind, it’s not the Arnold version. !@#!! Moderator

Where were you in '77?


Thanks for checking silverwook that just went from elation to dissapountment.

Keep your fingers crossed


Sorry about that. I keep forgetting about that pesky remake with Aquaman. 😉 Moderator

Where were you in '77?


No Worries.

Thanks for checking.

Can’t say i ever bothered with the remake at all.


I have been Studying The Conan Completist Deleted and Alternate scenes found here.

In terms of the way deleted and alternative content works I wish to run through the film and estimation of how much is actually missing. you will have to open the link in a new tab to follow my descriptions on the points.

Conan Narration - Concerning the Shot used in Conan the Destroyer taken from Conan the Barbarian footage this does not work over the Mako Narration. Although we have a Black screen for the Narration A snippet of this shot may have been earmarked but assume if there was footage it was World Building and scenery or matte paintings Setting up Hyboria. No time difference swap black screen for footage.

Apparently It was meant to be a map of Europe Africa and Asia but then it would dissolve into a map of Hyboria…

Riddle of Steel - Nothing Missing

Riders of Doom - Yes Conan’s Mother Kills a soldier 4-5 seconds Nothing else is really missing

Wheel of Pain - Cuts but Nothing Missing

Pitfight - Cuts but purposeful montage / Alternate Montage is possible either way it’s brief.

Enslaved - Extended Montage again It’s Brief momments nothing much.

Earthquake - Nothing Missing (Alternative path to freedom)

The Thing in the Crypt - Nothing Missing

Lizard on a stick - Cut but ultimately not needed.

Mammoth Sighting - Nothing Missing but funny

Pickpocket - Short Snippet yes Missing scene showing lawlessness

The procession - Yes Missing Scene in connection with the lawless world comes a procession showing a different way of life although under the notion of peace is something more sinister. The scene above and this one is all part of the same sequence.

Tower of the Serpent - Yes Missing Scenes in Garden and tower ascent

The Beast with 3 eyes - The So called Beast with 3 eyes is the same type of masked Thug that stirs the human soup pot in the orgy chamber except that guy had his ears chopped off or missing. If he was up the top of the tower it was a quick kill But very doubtful… Valeria takes jewels from the wall yes small deleted scene here.

The Sacrificial Pit - It is not a Version A or Version B so much as the Flashback was over explained or over extended Possibly. Either Losing the shot of James Earl Jones or the Symbol at the village, when the Flashback is condense… This allows Subotai to come down the tunnel Point at the snake warning Conan; Conan turns as the snake lunges. The Audio Mix also reflects the sequence that the snake lunges with a hiss this then continues on to Conan Stabbing the snake. Alternative footage and scene order no time difference.

Love yurt - Small cuts missing showing each other there Slave collar scars potential Flash back of Valeria pit fighting here. This established what they had in common they came from the same sort of place.

King Ozric - Yes shortened Meeting with Max Von Sydow Kings Death is Missing and Snake cult Priest asking for Daughters Hand in Marriage. Also Not mentioned The Minature of King Ozrics Wooden Castle was not Shown in an establishing shot.

Back Home - Nothing Missing

Mountain of Power - Yes James Earl Jones Speech shortened

Tortured - Yes Shortened (But I got the gist…)

Fangs of the Serpent - Yes Missing Scene

Tree of Woe - Nothing really missing Comedy cut from tree of Woe for good reason

The Orgy Chamber - I am not so sure that there is So much Time Missing although Alternative Material is at play here (Censorship). Particularly the shot Thogrimm looking in confusion after the Big Pillar falls lingers far too long this replaces Subotai firing an arrow and Conan taking the princess on his shoulders.

The Princess - Cuts Shortened scene perhaps stronger for it? This touches on the marriage plot between Thulsa Doom and Yasminia. This was redundant as it would have been covered in the Death of King Ozric Deleted scene.

Moby Dick Scene - I think it should have remained cut

Battle of the Mounds - I have looked into this and a video will follow soon on various editing errors and cuts.

Finale - Although the article does not mention there is another Guard killed by Conan before He faces off against Thulsa Doom atop the temple other than that possible alternative material that was more graphic…

Epilogue - Nothing is Missing

In Summary as far as story goes the marriage sub plot between Thulsa Doom and Princess Yasmina was removed aswell as Valerias pit fighting Slave History.

In Terms of Censorship cuts We are looking at about +25-30 seconds tops without considering Conans torture as most will fall into alternate (cover) shots with a couple of exception.

In terms of some other shortening this is natural aside from (James Earl Jones) Thulsa Doom Speech and the Tower of Set Gardens and ascent and Death of King Ozric. The Procession and Pickpocket scene were I would imagine the point of realization that they would assault the Tower of Set, as they were high as kites and that does not tally up so the conscious decision was made upon a hilltop to assault the tower.

So all in all I would imagine it’s falling short of a uncut version by about 7 minutes approximately.

Whilst Looking at the Valeria’s Funeral Pyre scene I noticed that the music repeated itself awkwardly… As I looked into it further I also noticed that there was missing Narration by Mako the Wizard that ended up in Conan the Destroyer. So I put this rough Clip together although I think the footage is perhaps in the wrong order as per the original scene orders may need a shuffle the Dissolve is essentially missing (or it might not be?). The important note is that the Jewel (Eye of the Serpent) Flash and then the Pyre Erupt were simultaneous and this connection was lost slightly in editing due to the botched audio and the missing Dissolve.

Video here of Fix to Pyre scene.

Anyway I thought fans might find this small clip interesting. Interestingly at the end Conan has the Torch back in his Hand and throws it on the ground again on the last shot of the sequence… Basically what I think is that I got it slightly wrong but the narration is correct and it does make very clear a few editing errors on this part. Needs further inspection for correct scene order sound effects, continuity and so on. I imagine the last shot should be the Shot of the Pyre in the sequence so the last shot currently and magic eruption might come earlier? Wait a bit on this one. I thought it was important as “Valeria” is never mentioned in name in the film apart from this missing narration by Mako.

The Battle of the mounds battle will follow and that if far more interesting stay tuned for the analysis. The only Hope for a Further re-cutting of the Film would ultimately come to rest on Scwarzenegger as John Milius is Ill and it’s a shame further time was not invested into a full uncut version.

When you see the Battle of the Mounds analysis you will be crying for the uncut version!

The Purpose of this thread is going to change a bit… Going to explain the main censorship cuts to the x-rated version at the least.

copy of script below


So here is the Battle of the mounds uncut reconstruction.

I labeled moved shots, flipped shots and so on. It plays out a bit differently as it was quite jumbled up.
Censorship card for censored shots
Missing scene Cards with photo of scene.

Never did a video like this before but I think it is informative.

Hope you enjoy it for what it is a reconstruction and It’s not far off being correct I think it took quite a bit of scrutiny to get to this conclusion. But I suppose this falls into the realm of fantasy preservation projects without all the material available but nevertheless a wish to show a framework and how it might have gone if it had not been messed about with.

Please do give your opinions, I think this is probably my favorite film or one of my favorite films and I like it how it is, but I would sincerely love to see it without the silly censorship and properly extended and re-cut.

I actually cant think of a better classic film to have an uncut version made for it?

This or American werewolf in London are probably the 2 most sought after uncut versions and Braveheart. That would be around top 3 in my book. But like I said dream preservation uncut project the only way to perhaps get any clout and support for it is to show what is missing try to figure it out!

But there is more than just the battle scenes missing.

Approximation of Full uncut Version

  1. Shot of Map over opening Narration = 0 seconds
  2. Shot of Conan over opening Narration = 0 seconds
  3. Shot of Moonset (Reddish) after The Riddle of Steel Sequence (Dawn) = 3 seconds
  4. Conan’s Mother Protects Young Conan Killing a Soldier after the main Battle = 5 seconds
  5. Earthquake (Alternative Freedom Sequence) = 0 seconds
  6. Extra Dialogue wolfwitch = 40 seconds
  7. Extra Dialogue Between Subotai and Conan (Exchange of Professions) = 30 seconds
  8. Shadazir Introduction Short Dialogue (city of thieves) Long Shot Matte Painting Missing (Civilization) = 0 seconds
  9. Thief tries to steal Conan sword arm chopped off and the snake cult procession = 90 Seconds
    Unused music -
  10. Water Wheel set on Cliff Top Missing “You know what’s in there?” = 10 Seconds
  11. Tower of Set Gardens and ascent footage missing Valeria introduces herself = 25 Seconds (unused music)
  12. Valeria Prizes a Jewel from the Wall = 7 Second
  13. Flash Back of THulsa Doom Condensed allowing Extra footage of Subotai to warn Conan and the snake to Lunge (Matching the sound mix) = 0 seconds
  14. Renting tHe Yurt and Sharing their past (Pitfighter Slave scars) = 20 Seconds
  15. Miniature of King Osrics Castle Day and and Extended Dialogue in the Hall of the King Dawn at Shadazir ditance Matte = 20 Seconds
  16. Extended Thulsa Doom Speech at the mountain of Power = 60 seconds
  17. Fangs of the serpent Suicide = 5 seconds
  18. King Osrics Castle Night Minature and Rexor asks for Princess Hand for Thulsa Doom leading to King Osrics Death = 60 Seconds
  19. Exrta Dialogue after so this is Paradise? Conan “What now?” Subotai “Let’s Watch a while they will tire” Replaces a couple James Earl Jones shots. = 0 seconds
  20. After great Pillar falls alternative footage of Conan taking the princess Subotai with his Bow = 0 seconds
  21. Replacing Moby Dick scene - Wizard asks “you plan to stay here?” Conan “until our Guests arrive” Wizard “Many Battles were fought here. The grass and Corn grow high because the land has drank so much blood.” = 9 seconds
  22. Wizard Run’s off to Hide = 4 seconds
  23. Numerous cuts to the Battle = 5 seconds
  24. Extra Guard Taken out at Thulsa Dooms Palace and Thulsa Dooms Body rolls down the steps. = 5 seconds

Uncut +7 minutes 36 seconds approx