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Clown Travel Agency not what it seems...

I've been visiting since it's been up for a while back since there was mention of it being a possible site for a newer trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT. The departure date was supposed to be the 1st of April, but every day I've checked there's been nothing.


You see, it's an APRIL FOOLS JOKE! While moving the mouse around, I noticed I could click on the part of the "departure date" envelope that is used to seal it. And sure enough, by clicking on it you eventually get this message:

Ready to have a Ball?

A special bag of fun awaits the first to claim it, but you better strike fast, there's no time to spare!

Then you click and get some animation going and you eventually read this:

Good Job, Clowns!

You've proven that you're kingpin material, so I've got a job that's right up your alley.

Head over to and see if you can disable a certain alarm system for me.

The password is: NEEDLE
Be sure not to use a phony email address.
It'll be ok?. I promise.

Spread the word!

Pretty cool, actually, they're really going all out for this movie.

(BTW, first post in a LOOONNNG time)
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