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Capture or Record "lossless" Video Streams from Amazon and Netflix


Hello everybody,

i want to know, if there is a possibility of Recording or Capturing Video Streams from Amazon and Netflix without losing Quality! I want to lossless Record or Capture using my Computer or my Console.

I want to be able to record or capture in 1080p and 2160p UHD.

Thanks for your help in Advance.

Best Regards,


AFAIK the people that do this have specific versions of smart devices like Roku or Chromecast attached to splitters that ignore the copy protection and then pass the HDMI signal to a hardware HD recorder. Even then, at best, they are recording the decompressed signal that is re-encoded on capture.

It likely isn’t cheap, isn’t easy, won’t get you fully lossless recordings, and possibly outside of site rules to discuss in detail.

Dr. M


Doctor M said:
outside of site rules to discuss in detail.

How exactly, you have to own whatever you’re trying to capture. That’s my situation presently

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