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Capture Device/Card suggestions


So I’m looking for some suggestions for a new capture card.

Both of my current capture cards are external and Hauppauge devices.
I have the HD PVR (with component) and the HD PVR 2 gaming (with HDMI).
My problem is that these devices are notoriously bad at freezing up/glitching when there’s a break in the digital signal. For example, when I am capturing from a device and change from the menu on a particular app to the video program that I’m trying to play, it will load and the light on the Hauppauge goes off and goes back on. Whenever that happens, I’ll miss the first 10 seconds of whatever I’m recording because it’s too busy trying to stabilize the image. Even though I have the Apple TV set to send the signal out as 5.1 and 24fps, it still glitches.

Thus far I have tried two different devices:

  1. Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder - I never got it to work because it uses an old Thunderbolt. My laptop (which isn’t necessarily new - 2+ years old) has Thunderbolt 3 and was told that I have to buy a $50 adapter to make it work. It was returned.

  2. Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle - My next attempt was with the Shuttle. I never got it to work at all. Never got a signal from HDMI, S-Video or Composite. They told me that I was doing everything right. 😦

So I’m stuck now.
My requirements are relatively simple:
1080p 23.976 capture
5.1 (doesn’t have to be bitstreamed - I can re-encode)

I’d really appreciate any advice/help!


I have a Blackmagic Decklink Mini Recorder PCIe card that I’m not using. I’ll sell the to you for a steal. Just let me know if you’re interested.

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