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Captain Planet and The Planeteers: A Love Story?!


I decided to do a few little fun A.I-assisted Captain Planet edits by adding or ‘altering’ scenes from various episodes to give the show something of a classic TV trope: The hero and the baddie having a flirtatious love/hate relationship. Since one for Doctor Blight and Planet didn’t exist in the show, I had to make it up myself!

An example of ‘altering’ a scene is included here (Deadly Ransom)


An example of ‘adding’ a scene can be found here (The Conqueror)


Currently working a little on “Mission to Save Earth Part 1”, and added this brief scene revealing blight kept the truth about the hate ring a secret, and that she opted for an altogether more toxic dig on the “Heart” motif altogether to reflect her love for Captain Planet, and that she is happy he can’t be summoned, as she believes Pollution would have killed him



And that’s it, we’re done

Here’s the cut list, since I’ve yet to add one (and just did so for the IFDB entry)

-Altered dialogue between Blight and Planet while Planet lays on the operating table in “Deadly Ransom”
-Added entirely original scenes with Blight and MAL after Planet is captured and then later freed from “The Conqueror”
-Added a scene between Blight and MAL revealing the true nature of the Hate power is that of Lust from “Mission To Save Earth Part One”
-Cut some shots of Blight and MAL from “Mission to Save Earth Part One” to avoid repeated shots when the altered scene plays
-Altered Blight’s threat to the Planeteers in “Mission to Save Earth Part Two”, and later altered dialouge towards the end just after Pollution’s rings are destroyed.
-Altered dialogue for Captain Planet just before Pollution retreats back to the rings towards the end of the episode to indicate the reason for Pollution’s destruction is tied to Blight’s capacity for love.