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Can you separate the vocals and the soundtrack in EpII? (region 1)


Hi. I’m in the UK (region 2) and both my DVD and Blu-Ray of ep II have the soundtrack in multiple channels, including the one with vocals. I know that on some DVDs and Blu-Rays, the channel with the vocals (the centre channel) is completely soundtrack-free.

Can this differ between different region codes of the same film? Sometimes US films are re-edited for UK release, so it seems likely that the way the soundtrack works on a technical level could be different.

I have watched fan edits of other films that presumably used a region 1 source, which have a completely new soundtrack without any audio distortion/quality loss when the characters speak, presumably because the soundtrack was not in the centre channel so they didn’t have to use “background noise removers”.

My region 2 copy of the same film, however, does have the soundtrack in the centre channel.

Has anyone replaced the soundtrack in episode II or another one of the prequels from a region 1 disc? Does the centre channel have the soundtrack in it?


A completely “clean” center channel is rare. It’s normal for it to have some music, mixed at a lower volume.

What can happen is the opposite, where the L,R and Surround channels are completely free of dialog.
Unfortunately for EP2 you have some very low dialog there…

My advice is to split your audio to two tracks: dialog and music
You can edit each differently, cutting at different points, to make it seamless.
Usually you cute music less of course.