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Can somebody help me out?

I've mentioned a scifi story I've written here before... The Secret Within.

I know Ricarleite has a copy... Anyway, I submitted chapters 6,11,12, and 13 to the Wyvern's Lybrary at elfwood and they were rejected because they were supposedly too similar to starwars to not be labeld fan fiction; this despite the fact that the first ten chapters minus chapter six were accepted, though they had even more starwars elements than these four.

I was told I should go back through and try and change things and see where they were too similar; I've done this, and though I've found almost direct rip-offs in my story of DragonBall Z and Startrek, the closest thing I've found to Starwars plagarism was calling moviing at light speed "jumping" into hyperspace...

(Stargate SG1 uses such expressions and doesn't get sued for it) Anyway, the point of this is: could anybody help me by being an objective source as to where I've gone to close to SW? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Email me at supasmash_brotha (at) hotmail (dot) com...