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Blue Harvest Hexology (Released)


Finally, I’ve finished uploading a collection of six ‘Star Wars’ fan edits that I prefer over anything else, all with my custom style of light blue text crawls.

The Prequels are more or less my take. For Episode 1, I used the edit of AOTC by HAL9000 and made some more adjustments that I think make it a lot more watchable, mainly deleting any and all cringe scenes with Anakin and Padme; I even inserted the two best sequences from ‘The Phantom Menace’ as flashbacks.

There’s also a mid-credit teaser for Episode 2: Labyrinth of Evil, which basically introduces Ahsoka Tano, shows us a montage of Anakin and Ahsoka being bad-ass in the Clone War, and then shows a story concerning an attack on the Jedi Temple, which is the significance of the title.

Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith is a roughly three-hour compilation of Ahsoka Tano’s Siege of Mandalore and Anakin Skywalker’s climactic turn to the dark side of the Force.

For the Original Trilogy, I took my favorite fan edits of each film and seamlessly inserted my style of custom text crawl. ANH was edited by IlFanEditore; TESB was edited by Adywan; ROTJ was edited by IlFanEditore.

By happenstance, I already sent out one PM with links to all six of these.

Everyone can still feel free to ask for links and then enjoy a six-movie marathon!


Can I get a link please? Excited to see how you incorporated TPM sequences as flashbacks


Please excuse my double post.

I would really appreciate people’s thoughts on these fan edits.

What changes are you enjoying?

What changes are you disliking?

Good or bad, I would love to see some feedback.

May the Force be with you, everyone!


Off and on, I’ve been thinking about something.

During the Order 66 montage, would it be better if there were superimposed titles?

They could be placed somewhere like the top left of the screen and be formatted like “Jedi, Planet.”

Like this:





I’m kind of on the fence about this kind of edit.

On one hand, I feel like it’s awesome to provide this kind of info for viewers who are new fans of ‘Star Wars.’

On the other hand, it may make this space opera film feel too much like a mainstream movie.


Someone let me know that Episode 5 wasn’t working for them, so I’m going to re-upload that one soon.

At the same time, for ROTS, I’ve decided to re-insert the scene of Anakin saying farewell to Obi-Wan before he heads off to Utapau, as well as the scene where Padme presents the Petition of 2K to Palpatine.

Because of the above, I’ll be re-uploading ROTS and TESB.