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BillionaireHobo Episode 8 story outline


This is the treatment completely cut down to minimize spoilers for the actual script, which is down below.

The movie starts with a flashback to Ben Solo’s tortured childhood. Ben is being bullied (and it isn’t the first time), which causes Ben to lash out and use the Force for the first time by force pushing a bully against a wall. Terrified of his new power, he runs away to somewhere where there are no people and begins to cry.

Suddenly, Snoke appears, much less hideously scarred and corrupted by the dark side than in Episode VII, and comforts Ben by telling him stories of the “peace bringer” Darth Vader (seems legit; yeah, Snoke is brainwashing Ben) and the Knights of Ren, who long ago mastered ressurection and immortality and created an Empire that lasted centuries.

Flashforward. Ben’s new Knights of Ren (the ones from Rey’s vision) are fleshed out. There’s a clonetrooper desperately trying to outrun his own short lifespan called Linas Ren, a Mandalorian who just wants to fight forever, a mad scientist called Nexo Ren, and some other scum.

Kylo Ren eventually completes his training and is declared a Sith.

Having tracked down the Millenium Falcon, The Knights of Ren prepare to attack Luke Skywalker and Rey, who are on Ahch-To.

Meanwhile, Poe Dameron lands on an urban planet where, to fill the power vacuum created by the New Republic’s destruction, factions are fighting for galactic conquest.

Poe offers the alliance of the Resistance to all factions, but all factions refuse to bring peace and another bloody battle breaks out, which Poe barely escapes.

Cut to the First Order’s new base on the dark temple planet, Solaris IX. Captain Phasma marches through Solaris IX’s esoteric and ancient halls to the chamber of Supreme Leader Snoke. Hux is handcuffed and kneeling on the floor.

Supreme Leader: Captain. My apprentices have betrayed me. Will you succeed at supplying me with a replacement?

Captain Phasma: Most assuredly. FN-2187 is a prime candidate. Aside from its sensitivity to the Force, it now has emotional attachments and has given itself a new name.

Supreme Leader: The General has failed me. Under his weak leadership, a stormtrooper revolted and became the end of Starkiller Base. Kill him.

Captain Phasma: As you wish.

Hux(desperate): Please, Phasma! I can serve under you!

Captain Phasma loads a blaster and shoots Hux dead.

Supreme Leader: What is your plan, General?

General Phasma: The Resistance has failed gaining allies and is severely vulnerable. An attack on their base must be imminent. “Finn”, as it likes to call itself, will be our secret weapon.


Luke wasn’t a bastard! His parent were married!

Not enough people read the EU.


LuckyGungan2001 said:

His parent were married!


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